Sian Toal - The Diet Fairies!

It is only February, right? It's not April, no? Forgive the confusion, but seeing chocolate bunnies, cute choccie chicks and eggs (not of the chicken variety) piled up high by the Supermarket checkout has led me to believe I've somehow lost a month or two somewhere! Now, I love my chocolate, it’s the first thing I go for on a cheat meal, but I find it such a shame that our world has just become a blur of various festivities and yearly events. At no point do we seem to have a period of 'looking forward' to an Easter egg or a mince pie, because you can now get your egg in January, Halloween treats in August and a mince pie in September. You no longer have to wait; it's about having it all of the time. A culture of 'I want it and I want it now'. Only for the reason of making the fat cats money and the alley cats fatter. The days of a having a feast over Christmas or Easter are gone and you can quite easily chomp down on your desired naughty treats for months. Or maybe not....

Let's remind ourselves that we are in control! Yep! The chocolate manufactures can put copious amounts of seasonal goodies on the shelves but they can't put it in your mouth! You decide (said in a Geordie accent, Big Brother style!)

Like I've talked about before, you can have cheat meals; you can eat well and be able to enjoy the season’s festivities. But just not everyday OF THE YEAR..! Surprisingly, these yearly events happen....wait for it.........every year. Is there really any need to eat yourself into an oblivion leading up to that event for fear you won't get another chance? No. Can you enjoy the foods and treats? Yes.

Now the fairies.....I've said it before and I'll say it again. THERE IS NO SECRET! There are also no evil fairies that come into your wardrobe at night and sew your clothes tighter or good fairies who wave a magic wand to zap away fat by Saturday. That evil fairy also didn't whisper in your ear that your going to hate every minute of achieving your goal.

Somehow, we've been conditioned into making ourselves fit, lean and healthy in the most difficult, abstained and gruelling way. The Cabbage Soup Diet (madness!) the 'eat vegetable soup and on day 3 eat 8 bananas diet' (don't get me started on that one!) How is that? Where has it come from that if you want to be fit, lean and healthy you have to endure painful longing for the sweeter things in life? Perhaps 'no pain, no gain?' or 'obsessed is the lazy persons word for dedicated' has told us that in order to achieve our goals we have to give up everything we love? Now, be realistic. You can't make steps towards your target without making some changes.  Don't get me wrong, if you're gaining fat or maintaining the same shape, something's got to change. But let's look at ditching the extremes, the crash diets, the cravings and unrealistic plans. How about a plan that works? A food plan specifically for your goals, a weekly cheat meal (meal.....not banquet!) training to build shape and consistency. Easy? Well yes actually! So much more than that 'quick fix' you might have considered.....

 Isn't it about time we all grew up and stopped believing in the diet fairies...?!

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