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Motivation plays a huge part in our everyday lives, in a sense it is what keeps us getting out of bed to go and do what we do all day! Thankfully, every month I am motivated on several levels by stories I hear and witness.

This month, having gone through all of the motivational stories I have seen one stood out. Call me biased, but Sophie my partner suffered with a severe dislocation of her left knee at the back end of last year. For months she was unable to move, let alone exercise. Having been told by her physio she was able to train again she has stripped away 20lbs in a matter of weeks and there wasn't much of her in the first place! More than this, we enjoyed a super leg workout together which was her first since her accident. On the leg press she managed her own body weight with the single legged leg press!

Having read that I hope you understand why she stands out in my mind, whether or not I know her on a personal level. Stories like this make me smash the gym every time because what excuse do I have to be anything less than my best? And the same goes for you, always appreciate your health and make the most of it in the gym!!

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