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For beginners looking to take their workouts to the next level, there are a number of steps you can take! Anybody who follows my Facebook page, will know just how highly I rate giant sets. There are so many benefits to performing giant sets, especially when body composition goals are at the forefront of your mind. Read on as I take you through my top 3 reasons as to why giant sets should feature in your workouts!

What is a giant set?

Back in the day when I used to ‘’revise’’ and research my craft, there was nothing I hated more than to read about something without understanding what the jargon used actually meant. To explain to those of you who are not familiar with the term giant set, it simply means to perform 3 or more exercises back to back. This could be as little as 3 or as much as 10 exercises back to back if you wanted to do so.

So what are the benefits of using giant sets?

Calories used

Focusing on driving a car as an analogy, when you redline the car you burn a lot more fuel! With giant sets, you are essentially red lining – causing huge calorie expenditure. With those of you who are desperate to cause rapid fat loss, utilising giant sets is one of the most effective routes!

How? Giant sets ensure your heart rate remains elevated for long periods of time and that your muscles are constantly under tension. Combined, these two points I have just outlined work together to stimulate fat loss!

Muscle volumisation

One of the huge benefits of using giant sets is the level of muscle volumisation you are able to achieve! Forcing blood into the muscle helps stretch the fascia, it also helps plough nutrients into the muscle which in turn can promote faster recovery. It can also help you push your training intensity to the next level due to the increased level of oxygen in the muscle.

Giant sets help you achieve these effects simply because you are performing so many repetitions back to back. As a result you get a super pump in the muscle, which is a direct result of the blood present in the muscle. Giant sets really are a great way to promote muscular hypertrophy, more specifically sarcoplasmic hypertrophy.


If you are committing yourself to a transformation over a set period of time, it is going to be essential that you are able to hit every workout with all you have got to give! The beauty about giant sets is that they are extremely taxing on your muscles. They are not so strenuous on your joints and connective tissues. As a result you should feel fresh with the correct diet the next time you walk into the gym, with sever DOMS but injury free!

From experience I can tell you just how nice it is to transform yourself without any niggles. My 2011 12 week transformation was a real slog for me because I had a reoccurring lower back issue. Giant sets are one of the tools I use to smash my back without smashing my injury with heavy weight!

There are 3 super points as to why giant sets are a superb way to alter your body composition, fast!

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