Eat According To Your Lifestyle - 3 Reasons Why!

Nutrition is king, fact. Over past 2 weeks I have found
myself talking over one specific topic with a number of friends, clients and
followers on my FaceBook page. The topic I am referring to is eating foods which
allow for a dramatic transformation in body composition whilst being
sustainable to your everyday environment and lifestyle. For instance, in my
mind if you take a builder and a teacher with the same goals, the same body
types, the same body fat levels and level of muscle mass they would need
different diets. Why? Simply because one diet would not suit the other because
of the difference in their day to day life. Before the trades men among you
start thinking I am going to start advocating additional calories via chocolate
bars and Cornish pasties hold your horses, this is not the route I am taking!


Working with the same example as above, I would have the
builder eating more calories than the teacher because his calorie expenditure is
going to be much higher. This is not necessarily to satisfy his rumbling belly,
but more to do with the fact that his labour intensive work means that he has a
larger calorie requirement. Under eating can lead to catabolism which is the last
thing you want to encourage when you are dieting for two very good reasons. Sustaining
muscle mass will help burn body fat because muscle is more metabolically active
than body fat, and being ripped looks much better when you are not skinny!! In my
opinion, the teacher would need in the region of 10 calories per pound of body
weight per day as where the builder would need in the region of 12. Of course,
this is a gross generalisation but it helps make the point.


Cravings are evil when you are dieting, they can really make
life a living hell for some! In my opinion and from my experience with clients
and myself the best way to prevent cravings is to get your diet bang on! Eating
for your own individual lifestyle is key, because under eating will certainly
encourage you to cheat. In short, if you fail to sustain level blood sugar
levels which is what will happen as you fail to eat enough calories you will
begin to crave sugary foods.


Nobody likes to feel as though they haven’t eaten a good
meal for the last 6 months and in my opinion if you are feeling like this
mentally it is only a matter of time before you give in, and give up! By eating
according to your lifestyle you should be able to sustain relatively good
energy levels. Obviously, this will help you get through the day at work, be sociable
and of course tear it up in the gym! With energy levels lagging you could
quickly become irritable, hyper fatigued and this can lead to increased cortisol
levels due to poor sleep. Once your cortisol levels become elevated you are
then more prone to becoming catabolic and storing body fat around the lower


As I said, following a diet with specific criteria is
important but having the ability to apply it to your everyday life is equally
as important! I would always advise to experiment by consuming the highest
amount of calories allowed, from the foods advised on the diet. From there, you
can taper down the calories as you see fit!

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