Dieting - How Far Do You Go?

There is dieting and then there is dieting. To claim you are ‘’dieting’’ doesn’t tell the whole story, let me explain. If sub 10% body fat is the goal as a male, or sub 15% as a female then every single calorie you put into your body counts. Having said that, I hate to use the word ‘’calorie’’ in fear this will be misinterpreted and taken out of context. Just in case, the nutrients you eat are the most important thing not the number of calories. Every nutrient has a different effect on hormone response within your body, and ultimately how your body is able to burn body fat. Today I wanted to ask you a question, ‘’how far do you go?’’ as I share with you some key changes you can make to reach your fat loss goals faster.

Do you take milk?

Recently you may have noticed the influx in commercials promoting the benefits of milk and why we should drink it. Whilst there are an array of health benefits to drinking milk, when fat loss is the main goal it is a no go zone. ‘’Not even skimmed?’’ I hear you cry! The fat content isn’t really the issue with milk, which is what ‘’skimmed’’ relates to it is the carbohydrate content. Contrary to what many people believe milk is predominately a carbohydrate food source. It is very rich in lactose; just 100ml of fully skimmed milk contains 5g of sugar!

With that said if fat loss is high on the agenda I suggest you begin to start liking black tea and coffee. This is something I do when every ounce of body fat has to be fought for and you should too if you are serious about getting results.

Do you take sugar?

Sometimes I am completely gobsmacked when people make a great deal of effort with their diet only to drink tea and coffee all day with sugar. This is no different to grabbing a chocolate bar or two off the shelf of the local filling station.

Don’t get me wrong; in an ideal world I would be able to drink 10 cups of coffee a day with full fat cream and two sugars. Unfortunately, the world we live in is far from ideal and following my desire for creamy coffee would have me looking pretty fat, pretty quickly. However, I do manage to retain some of the glory by having Stevia instead of sugar. With just 2 calories per teaspoon, and with the same degree of sweetness as sugar it is the perfect replacement!

Healthy snacking

Sure you are working hard, you have been completely faithful to yourself, but for some reason that nagging craving just won’t settle. So what do you reach for? If you are on a diet whereby calories are counted then you need to make sure whatever you are about to eat won’t take you over the daily threshold. If it passes that test, then the next is what kind of nutrients it contains.

I despair when I hear people say ‘’I was hungry so I ate something, but I was good because I ate fruit’’ – this is NOT good. Remember earlier I was talking about being choosy when it comes to where you get your calories from and how different nutrients affect the body in different ways? Well, fruit is generally rich in fructose which is a sugar carbohydrate. So as you are satisfying your cravings with some juicy pineapple say hello to the huge influx in insulin secretion, and bye-bye to your fat burning momentum you have gained.

In this instance, 20-25g of nuts would be ideal because the healthy fats will help stabilise blood sugar levels which can help avoid insulin spikes and turn off your craving switch. Be warned; with 9 calories per gram of fat make sure this snack won’t take you past your calorie deficit point!

Personally, I choose macadamia nuts because they are great for a number of reasons. They taste amazing, they have an array of healthy fats, and they are a great source of potassium.

So how far do you go? Are you going far enough to help your body shift that body fat to get those skin popping abs or not?

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