CrossFit part 2 - Let's get sweaty

So if you read my cross fit article part 1 you will know what cross fit training is and understand what it is all about. This is good as in this article I will be discussing how cross fit will benefit you and what types of workout you can do to achieve your goals.


As you are aware from article 1, cross fit will improve performance in all areas of fitness. If you are looking to achieve some awesome feats of strength without sacrificing speed, agility, fitness or flexibility then cross fit is perfect for you. The same goes for any goal. With cross fit you don’t have to sacrifice anything to get good at something else.


For a lot of people though, performance is not the final goal. For most people that I meet the goal is usually more aesthetic. So can cross fit help you to drop fat? Can it help to build muscle? Of course it can. Just look at any cross fit athlete. They are usually very muscular whilst also being extremely lean. Almost exactly the look that most people aspire to achieve. So lets take a look at how you can drop fat or build muscle using cross fit.


Dropping fat:


Dropping fat obviously depends near entirely on achieving a calorie deficit in the diet. So we are just going to assume that your diet is spot on in this case. Using cross fit to burn calories is probably one of the best methods. Cross fit requires an incredible amount of energy to complete one of the workouts so burning calories comes naturally to a cross fit workout. I’m warning you before you try any of them though, prepare to feel more fatigued than you ever have. The best cross fit workouts to burn calories are ones that combine cardio training with high rep weights exercises. There are so many of them out there that no 2 workouts will have to be the same.


Lets take a look at a couple of fat burning cross fit workouts:


3 rounds of:

400m run

15 pull ups

7 power hang cleans

done as fast as possible:


25 x pull ups

50 x deadlifts (60kg)

50 x push ups (press ups)

50 x 2 foot box jumps

50 x floor wipers (hold a bar/weight and toe touch each side)

50 x clean n press kettle bell

25 pull ups


Gaining size and strength:


Cross fit can also be used very effectively for gaining muscle and strength. You can use a range of exercises, done in a cross fit circuit format, but use heavy weights and low reps. This is a great way of shocking the system, you will get a great hormone response and you will be able to gain strength in a number of areas without needing loads of rest in between sets. With the lack of rest periods you can also fit a greater volume of work into a training session which can also lead to great gains.


Take a look at some strength based cross fit workouts:


Deadlift and dip super set


Squat Clean

OverHead Press

Back Squat

OverHead Press

To Ground

As heavy as you can for 6 reps


so give these workouts a try. I guarantee they will be some of the hardest workouts you have ever done.



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