Craig Rowlands - Beyond Motivation, Week 6

The half way point of Craig’s transformation has arrived and both trainer and client are happy! Craig feels as though he is much leaner this time round 6 weeks in, yet he is also carrying much more size which is pleasing for me to hear. However, we have only completed half of the job and as we get further in you could say the anxiety to do well is really starting to kick in! Read on to find out about Craig’s latest hurdles as I take you through week 6.

I have got veins everywhere bro

Being vascular is something all us men seem to want, it looks impressive when you have veins snaking through your arms when you pumping out the reps. Joking aside, when Craig tells me he is becoming more vascular this is a true indication that his fat levels are falling. Whilst genetics will dictate just how vascular you are, body fat levels are very influential in this instance. In his update photos I can see them coming in around his abs which is freaking awesome!

This is also a great motivator for Craig because he can physically see changes in his physique, which is very important when you are craving everything you cannot have!

Everyone in there was laughing at me

Don’t worry Craig isn’t being bullied, he is referring to the other lads in the café who were pigging out on a traditional greasy fried breakfast. Of course, these are strictly off limits for Craig no matter how badly he wants to try just a small mouthful.

What is great that he is able to take the banter and ignore it, as where many would simply cave in. Would you be able to stick to your guns in moments like this?

Mate can I have something like chicken wraps tonight so I can have a little break?

Sound familiar? Last week I granted Craig a cheat meal because I felt the timing was right, and for those of who may think I will let clients do as they please you can think again. My reply was ‘’NO’’ to Craig.

I haven’t put this up here to slander Craig; I have put it here so you guys who are transforming yourselves can relate to the struggle. Of course, there will be times where you rack your brains with every last bit of energy you have left to try and excuse yourself and justify a cheat meal. That is normal, but you need to be able to look beyond that and stay on track.

I openly admit I love junk food, a lot! However I will NEVER ever let myself cheat when I am not supposed to. As Nick Mitchell famously said ‘’I would pay £500 for a jacket potato with melted cheese and butter which is some how carb and fat free’’ and I can certainly relate to this. Oats with water taste amazing when you are dieting, if you are dieting properly that is. So remember, there are loads of us going through the same thing. We wall want to cheat, but the ones who stay on track are the ones who will look the bollocks at the end, and Craig certainly will!!

1 week before the end of the competition I will come down

Craig is travelling all the way from Gloucester to sunny West Wales to train with myself at Neil Hill’s infamous Dungeon. In all likelihood, Yoda himself will also be joining us and it will give me an opportunity to present to the master one of my transformation projects.

With that said, Craig has 5 weeks to really drive forward and hit the goals I have given him. By then, I expect him to have shed another 10lbs to help bring his lower abs through which is where he carries most of his body fat.

Until next week, make sure you keep on pushing towards your goals as Craig is doing so well. As everyone does, he has had a couple of wobbles but I have kept him firmly on track, and more than anyone he has done himself. This transformation will blow you guys away, we are both very excited to motivate and inspire you in 6 short weeks!

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