Building Forearms For Bigger Arms!

Never in my training life have I trained forearms, ever. Yet
one body part is often commented on for me is forearms. Don’t get me wrong they
are not anything special but they are certainly well developed. Personally I put
this down to never using straps when I lift and a degree of genetics I guess. However,
as I have searched further and further to educate myself on ways to hit my 18’’
arms goal this year I came across a very interesting philosophy. In short, the
idea is to pay more attention to your forearms to stimulate the growth of your
biceps and triceps. Considering I have never trained mine before, I thought it
would make sense to learn a little more about the concept.

Your arms

Typically your arms respond well to strength training due to
the higher percentage of fast twitch muscle fibres within them, opposed to
other areas of the body. Whilst I do like a lot of high repetition maximum
tension training on arms day, I don’t think you should ever overlook strength

Using repetitions of 4-6 with very controlled form will help
rapidly build the strength in your arms.

Why forearms

Having just discovered the point above it now makes sense. When
we lift any heavy weight it is our forearms which provide the gripping strength
to hold and move that weight. If we want to increase our strength within the
arms to put the muscles under greater strength to eventually force hypertrophy
we need stronger forearms. It is perfectly logical when you look at it like that,
yet I had never thought of doing it. I had made the common mistake of seeing my
forearms as ‘’well developed’’ yet this doesn’t mean they are strong. Strength and
size do not always have a direct correlation with one another.


There are many ways you can improve overall forearm strength
and size. However, after studying this concept put down by master trainer
Charles Poliquin I will continue to do so with yourself. For around 12 weeks,
train biceps and triceps together. Only do two exercises with 2 working sets
per muscle group. Right after arms hit your forearms every 5-7 days for the
next 3 months with a range of dumbbell wrist curls, cable wrist curls, reverse
wrist curls and wrist extensions with varying angles. Due to the naturally
shorter range of motion within the forearms use a repetition range of around 15
per set and keep the rest periods to 30 seconds, doing 12 sets in total.

I am personally using this protocol for the next 12 weeks
and I will let you know how I get on. Currently, my forearms measure just under
13.5’’ so I expect them to be at least 14’’ in 12 weeks and my curling power to
have increased as well!

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