Beyond Motivation - Craig Rowlands, Week 7

Craig Rowlands has become my new idol; this guy is inspiring me to new heights. There is no hurdle too high, no wall too wide and no road too long. As week 7 came to an end my phone went ‘’BLEEP BLEEP’’ as a txt came through from the man himself. As you have gathered from the previous weeks, not every update from Craig is full of joy as he has stressed a little on times. However, this morning he was on top of the world as his total count of fat lost for the transformation reached 17lbs! Remember two weeks ago I made changes to his diet? Well his body has truly transformed into a fat burning machine as more and more veins begin to appear in his mid section. That inch around his arms we gained has also remained, so you could say both trainer and client are more than happy!

This diet is so easy, loving it mate

Although it isn’t always possible I do try and find a diet where my clients feel as though they are not about to die!! Of course, there are things which are totally off limits but I want my clients to feel as though the foods they are eating are not only transforming their body composition, but also keeping their mental focus and sanity firmly intact. With Craig telling me he doesn’t even feel as though he is dieting it made me very pleased because I am a huge believer in finding that balance where you have a life yet you are still an athlete.

Have an extra carb meal mate

I wasn’t there but I bet his face was a picture which represented true happiness when he read this email. Having told me he had shed 5lbs in the last week I wanted to make sure he wasn’t going to start losing too much too soon. With that said I told him to enjoy 2 nice large baked potatoes with some steak. It wasn’t long afterwards that he told me just how good they tasted. That is the beauty of dieting; you really appreciate all the wonderful foods without all the crap on them. Plain oats with a little bit of chopped banana tastes like something you would have expected to get served from the Ivy!

Mate I am super dry

There is no doubting I am relying on my client to comprehend how much fat they have to lose, and how conditioned they really are. The reason being for this, although I get photo updates it is hard to tell for sure with the lightening and other factors. However, Craig reassures me is he looking very dry and he feels as though he is the same condition NOW as he was at the end of his last 12 week transformation. That means we have 5 weeks to improve on last year’s results!

I have got my dream job

When Craig told me he has landed himself his new dream job I was so pleased for him, but as he rightly said that means that his eating schedule may well have to change. Personally I am not overly concerned about this, but on Monday I can give you a full update as he starts his new job the beginning of next week!



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