Beyond Motivation - Craig Rowlands, Week 5!

When Craig Rowlands, a FitMag writer and reader approached me and asked me to prep him for an online transformation contest I was more than happy to say yes! Ever since I have got to know Craig he has always been very respectful and very determined to better himself, as anybody should in this industry if you are going to go anywhere. Craig also has unparalleled determination, consistency and drive which made me feel I could trust him to stick to the plan I gave him. So for week 5 you can have a quick glimpse into Craig’s progress, his challenges and how it got around them!

Can I have a meal with my Wife this Saturday, nothing crazy just a little break?

Craig hadn’t even hinted that he wanted a cheat meal up until this point so when he told me I knew he really meant it. Having said that it didn’t mean I said yes because I felt I should, I said yes because he has dropped 12 lbs in 5 weeks, worked his arse off and I feel there needs to be a sense of balance in one’s life if you are going to make it a lifestyle change!

With that said, I mailed Craig back telling him to have whatever main he fancied as well as a dessert. His carbohydrate intake had been consistent, yet moderate and I felt it was time to re-feed those muscles. Of course, it also made sure Craig was going to be mentally ready for the next 7 weeks.

I am a family man and really value down time with my loved ones, so when I diet I like to make time for them and make sure I do not exclude them. To make it a lifestyle change it must be enjoyable, and you need the support of your closest family and friends. If you become moody, a pain in the arse and awkward do you think they will support you? NO! So, when you have earned it I am a big believer in killing two birds with one stone and getting your cheat meal into fire up the metabolism, load up the muscles and be Mr Social all at the same time!

I am ready to kill the next 7 weeks

Having dieted for 5 weeks, to say such a thing shows true grit and determination. For those of you who are joining the series a little late, remember Craig has been doing his cardio at 4:30am every morning in the week during this bone freezing winter!! With that said we had a great chat and decided what the next plan of action was. Up until the point I had afforded Craig a good dosage of carbs during his diet; however I thought it was time to taper them off a little and increase his healthy fats.

Although I am very pleased with Craig’s progress, I want to make sure he doesn’t have any fat to spare in 7 weeks time which is why we decided to make the change. The thing about coaching somebody through a transformation is that it can take 4-6 weeks to learn how their body works with certain foods. We were not afforded that time together before hand, but we are still certainly on track let me tell ya!

He complimented me on my intensity

One of my biggest fears when transforming somebody via email and phone calls is that their training intensity is off point. Loads of people claim to train ‘’hard’’ but when you train with them it couldn’t be further from the truth! So when Craig emailed me saying that a certain IFBB Pro had come up to him and complimented him on his training intensity and form, it made me smile. Now I can be 110% sure Craig is giving everything he has got to give! This doesn’t mean he is going to escape a nasty Y3T leg workout with me when I come down to London in March!

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