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One of the most useful tools for a bodybuilder or athlete is their own body. It is a tool of resistance that is totally versatile, always available and can offer a great range of resistance depending on how you use it.

You can train every muscle in the body by using the body itself. All you will need is some basic equipment or structures that resemble the same shape. You don’t need a chin up bar if you have a tree with horizontal branches. You don’t need parallel dip bars if you have a couple of chairs. You can use nearly anything around you to do bodyweight exercises.

Bodyweight training can be done at home, at the gym, in a park or just about anywhere you want.

A good thing about bodyweight training is that you can use it to achieve a number of goals, whether that be hypertrophy, strength, muscular endurance or cardiovascular fitness.

So here is a great upper body workout that you can do just using your bodyweight. The rep ranges can all be adapted to suit a particular goal.

Press ups – 5 sets

If you want to add some difficulty you can do some of these variations:

Chin ups – 5 sets


Handstand push ups – 5 sets

Underhand chin ups – 5 sets

Dips – 5 sets

Do all 5 exercises, for all 5 sets to failure and then repeat. You will go through the full workout twice with 30 seconds rest in between each set. Try to do a variation on each exercise the second time that you do it.






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