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When going to the gym there are some things that can help you to lift at your best every time. These things may be supportive gear like in powerlifting, they may be special types of clothing that allow for maximum performance, or they may just be things like lifting straps that allow you to deadlift more than your grip would normally allow.

I personally use training aids quite a bit to get the best out of my training. The way I see it is if your hands get tired before your back does then you are just wasting the potential of the back session. Why not use straps and give your back the battering that it deserves.


But it isn’t just lifting straps that can be of great use. There are loads of cool lifting accessories out there that can aid your training.


I will now give you my top 3 training accessories and the reasons that I chose them.


Hypertrophy hold-ons:


The hypertrophy lifting hooks are one of the most useful pieces of gym equipment I have ever bought. I have had mine for 2 years now and they have had some serious use. The are extremely durable, comfy, convenient and they do exactly what they are supposed to with no flaws whatsoever. The hold-ons can hold up to 500kg so will be more than enough for anyone wanting to use them for deadlift, rows, chins or just about any pulling movement. The reason I like these much more than lifting straps is that they are comfier, there are no horrible marks on your wrists for days after using them, they don’t take 5 minutes to wrap around the bar, you simply hook them over and go, they never break and they just look cool. I personally would recommend these to anyone of any level of training. I always advocate grip strength training so that your hands become stronger with your back but when it comes to those big sessions where you want to lift more than your hands are capable of, the hooks are amazing.


Liquid grip:


Liquid grip is basically just like liquid lifting chalk. The only difference is that it makes no mess whatsoever and in my opinion adds to your grip a bit better. If you have sweaty hands or you struggle to hold the bar on things like cleans or rows then the liquid grip is perfect for you. It dries out your hands and gives them a tacky feel that makes it easy to grip the bar with no slipping. I personally use it on all exercises just to make sure my hands don’t slip and I have an accident.


PhD Lifting belt:


There are a lot of people that disagree with lifting belts. I am not one of them. I feel they offer a massive support to the lower back and help protect it when lifting heavy. The phd belt is extremely strong whilst also being lightweight. There are many belts that are big and bulky so they can be quite off putting when lifting. The phd belt is barely noticeable when its on except for the support it gives.


So these are my top 3. I recommend investing in all 3 to compliment your heavy weight training sessions.



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