8 Anabolic Tips For Muscle Mass!

Here are 8 sharp tips to aid muscle growth!

Consume more high quality carbs each day- when your growing you need slow burning energy provided by certain carbs. There is a difference between complex carbs and simple sugars, good sources of slow digesting carbs include sweet potato, oats and brown rice. Also you can increase consumption of starchy carbs such as whole wheat bread and pasta. Regardless to whether your bulking or cutting try and increase carb intake in the morning, prior and post workouts and taper them off in the evening when carbs are more likely to be stored as fat rather than burned for energy. Consume moderately large carb portions from low GI sources earlier in the day and take in fast-digesting carbs with your post-workout shakes and substitute out carbs with your evening meal, opting for a salad instead.

Increase your calories- obvious but absolutely crucial, you need to take in more calories than you burn. You cannot add quality mass if you are not in a calorific surplus, simple. If your a hard gainer a tip is to eat just past the point of fullness and have a large meal before bed (low carb), however if you add body fat easily stick to eating to the point of fullness.

Spread out your meals- crucial for adding mass or shredding up. Eating more meals a day helps your body preferentially add muscle mass over body fat, it also keeps blood sugar levels balanced and boosts your metabolism. Aim to consume a meal every 2-3 hours. It can be made simple by eating 6 times a day, having three main meals and three snacks, just make sure the snacks have a substantial number of calories.

Consume more dietary fat- this needs to be split between healthy (omega 3’s) and saturated fat. Omega 3’s promote health and growth, they can be found in salmon, sardines and fish oils. Saturated fats get a bad rap; they can be had without compromising your health so long as you get your fair share of omega 3’s. Saturated fats help your body make hormones such as testosterone, essential for building muscle. Good sources of saturated fats include; dark poultry, red meats and dairy. It can be as easy as switching from lean sources of protein to fattier ones, such as opting for Salmon over Tuna.

Make the most of pre and post workout nutrition- around your workouts is one of the most crucial times for adding quality mass. What you consume before and immediately after exercising impacts not only how much you weigh but also where the weight is coming from. An ideal pre and post workout shake would contain a ratio of 1:1 of protein to carbs.

Seek liquids- when solids come too much liquids are the answer, liquid calories is one of he easiest and fastest ways to chow down on calories to put you into surplus and grow. It can be as simple as adding a protein shake after your whole-food meals.

Have a bedtime snack- you burn energy when you sleep and when your in a growth phase its crucial you slow muscle loss while your sleeping as its at this time you are fasting. However, avoid carbs as these are more likely to contribute to body fat and emphasise a slow digesting protein such as whole eggs, casein, cottage cheese or Greek yoghurt. Adding fats to whey will also provide a slower form of protein. If you are a hard gainer having a combination of fats and protein is ideal, if you add body fat easily then stick to a low carb slow digesting protein source.

Get in all the protein you need to maximize muscle building- when dieting you actually need more protein to maintain mass then when your trying to gain mass, this is because your in a calorific deficit where your body is trying to break down muscle tissue for energy. However, regular intake of protein to build up to your baseline amount is vital, keeping aminos in your system. Its easy just make sure you consume a moderate portion of a food that is high in protein with every meal, such as chicken breast, eggs or a protein shake.

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