3 mega sets to destroy your training partner - part 1

One of my favourite thing in the world to do is to watch my training partner in agony. It sounds kind of sadistic but it is benefitting him in the long run. This isn’t some personal vendetta either. By my training partner I don’t just mean one person. I train with a number of different people and they all get the same treatment.


The problem with being a personal trainer is that, for the most part, you cant unleash everything you’ve got on a client. It is likely they will be very reluctant to train with you again if they need carrying out the gym. Training partners however can bare the full force you’re willing to give as they are usually your mates and don’t want to lose any pride by wussing out of a workout or set that they know is going to hurt.


I pride myself on my ability to push people to the extreme. I know exactly how much they have to give and I make them give more than they ever thought they could. The workouts I have done have opened peoples eyes to what hard training really is and the horrified looks they give me when I tell them what they have to do on the next set just brightens up my day.


I have many different methods of really battering a muscle on different exercises but today I am going to give you 3 mega sets that I do regularly on a few different muscles. These are great exercises/sets to try in your workouts and are fun but very painful.


Number 1 – Chest press triple drop


The first set that I will tell you about is one that you can do on a chest press machine, a shoulder press machine or most weight stack based machines where you can easily adjust the weight. You will need a spotter obviously.


First part – pick a weight where you can do 3 reps on your own. You will perform these 3 then your training partner will help you get another 2. These should be really hard reps.


Second part – after the first 5 reps you will do 5 negative reps. Your training partner will help you lift the weight up and you will lower it down on a 5 second rep.


Third part – drop the weight to 60% of the original weight and you will perform half reps. This is the bottom half of the rep on chest and shoulders where you will be getting the biggest stretch. Aim for 12 halves then on the final rep do a full one.


Fourth part – drop to 40% of the original weight and perform full reps to failure. These reps are very slow and should be 2 seconds up, 3 seconds down. Squeeze at the top of each rep and hold at the bottom.


I guarantee your chest will be fried by the end of that.


Number 2 – Bench press up combination


The second exercise is again for chest and is a great way of doing press ups beyond the point of failure. You will need to set up 3 benches. Have 2 benches lying parallel at about6 inches wide of your shoulder width. You will then put the 3rd bench perpendicular to these at the end of them to put your feet on. Place your hands on the parallel benches so that when you do the press up your chest goes down in between them and put your feet on the bench at the end.


First part – With your feet on the bench, do press ups going right down in between the 2 benches, get a really good stretch on your chest and press back up to the top. Go to failure.


Second part – Bring your feet off the bench and put them on the floor. Carry on doing press ups to failure again.


Third part – come down onto your knees so that you are kneeling on the floor with your hands still on the benches. Carry on doing press ups on your knees to failure.


This is far harder than it sounds. Doing it on the benches allows for a fantastic stretch on the chest.


Number 3 – the never ending bicep curl.


This is a great one to finish off a bicep workout or to really get the biceps going and full of blood. All you will need is a straight barbell and a never give up attitude. Pick a weight that you could comfortably do 15 reps but no more than 20-22.


First part – perform 15 reps. After this 15 reps keep hold of the bar with your arms flexed at the top of the rep for 10 seconds.


Second part – perform another 10 reps. After this 10 keep hold of the bar with your arms at the bottom.


Third part. Perform another 10 reps. After this 10 hold the bar half way up the rep for as long as you can. When you cant hold it any longer perform another 10 reps.


So next time you are in the gym and fancy some punishment give one of these sets a try.



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