Warming Up To Grow!

At 16 I thought I was invincible, my attitude was ‘’screw warming up!’’ By 18 I knew I was right, one week before my 22cnd birthday I have never appreciated the benefits of warming up properly more than now! To the young lads reading this thinking ‘’whatever mate’’ I have never felt sore. TRUST me, you WILL if you do not listen now. I have had to juggle with saw shoulders for a while now and that was due to the fact I didn’t value warming up enough as a beginner. However, there are also other great benefits to a comprehensive warm up! Here are 4 key benefits to spending at least 10 minutes warming up the target muscle before you blitz it!

Fascia elasticity

The fascia surrounds the muscle fibres. Imagine it as a very stubborn elastic band which has the potential to restrict muscle growth by supressing the expansion of muscle fibres. Simply warming the target muscle group up for 10 minutes before with very light weights and higher reps (15-20 per warm up set) will help flush the muscle with blood. As a result the muscle becomes stretched, potentially equating to more progressive muscle growth than before!

Increased strength

From a logical point of view with increased blood volume in the muscle it is going to have the potential to shift more weight! The rate of ATP replenishment should be greater within the muscle cell, again equating to added strength. The added muscle elasticity also allows you to generate more power within the muscle!

Enhanced recovery

With the added volume of blood within the muscle for the duration of the workout it becomes a logical thought that you will recover faster. The blood is the transportation system which carries the nutrients and amino acids directly into the muscle cell. With that said doing 10 minutes before your workout where you totally focus on blood volumisation you should be able to promote faster recovery. When you take in your post-workout shake the speed at which those nutrients hit your muscle cell will also be increased. This can lead to more rapid muscle glycogen replenishment which will ultimately promote anabolism!


As an athlete you need longevity if you are going to make serious gains in the future. It is no good having to stop every 2-3 weeks because you have a niggle here or a niggle there. Simply filling the target muscle with blood before a workout will dramatically help keep the muscles healthy long term. How? It helps limit the risk of suffering nasty tears because the muscle becomes more elastic!


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