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Transformations are the single most powerful tool when it comes to motivation! When you see somebody in the same position as you achieve the body you desire it gives you a massive boost in cofidence. So when we were choosing January's Transformation of the Month we wanted one which really set the pace for the year, and that is exactly what Ben Davidson did! This transformation blew my mind, and I am sure it will do the same for you! For his troubles, Ben is now able to claim a FREE tub of protein from! Great work Ben!

I was always the ‘big lad’ at school, played rugby for the school 1st team and generally thought I was pretty darn big. The reality was quite the opposite, I was fat!

In my early teens I was able to get away with eating junk and not getting fat, I then developed a passion for rugby. When I was 16, my chance to get into the 1st squad arrived however being 5’7 at the time and only weighing what looked like half of that of other 1st team members I was told I was simply too light. Right then I thought, time to add muscle. This is where things go down hill drastically.

I followed the traditional path of every teenager that wants to ‘get big’, bought some Holland and Barrett protein (Body fortress), had it once a day and thought I was on gear and I was going to get ‘massive’. I then was lured in by bold claims by a very expensive supplement company, so I bought another type of whey protein and wasted lots of money however I thought I was now armed with the knowledge that I needed to eat big in my diet in order to gain size. Unfortunately I used this opportunity and excuse over the summer to eat whatever I wanted, whenever, however I wanted.

This resulted in me ballooning up to 16st.5 with horrible stretch marks scarring my legs and belly, I looked and felt horrible! I would look at my mates who were toned and lean, I would blame it on everything else and make excuses to myself as to why I didn’t look like them. Trying to convince myself that I was ‘big’ and ‘stacked’ and that they were skinny.

My last years spent at secondary school and my first year at university I was miserable, I spent the whole time convincing myself I was big and muscular, tricking myself in to believing that the reason I was so heavy and large was because of the ‘muscle’ I was carrying . Excuses.

I have never been too confident in life, for reasons which I don’t really know, but during this period in my life my confidence and self belief were incredibly low. I confined myself to my room, occasionally going to the campus gym and would bounce from machine to machine doing light reps for 25 minutes then leave, feeling as though I deserved to eat a pizza.

I couldn’t tell you what it was exactly that made me change my ways, it could have been the embarrassing photo’s of me and friends in Magaluf where compared to my mates I looked like a beached whale (Pictured below) however I have a funny feeling that my brother’s application to the Royal Navy and his need to get fit made me question my physical ability.

 I started training seriously in June 2010, by now I had done a little research and knew my diet and routine had to change but what I was eating was not great despite my supposed knowledge. I would then give myself excuses why I was not losing weight and looked any different. Looking back, some of my routines were so ridiculous I must of looked like such a plonker in the gym. My diet was composed of foods that claimed to be “low in fat” etc and I had no idea about the sugary high carbs in the foods. Then when the weekend rolled around I would guzzle pints and eat rubbish foods, giving myself the excuse that I had earned it during the week.

In January 2011, I stumbled across; this online forum was the answer to my prayers. It was packed full of knowledge and generous members willing to give their time to help me out. From here, I began to put together a proper, balanced diet consisting of low GI carbs, good healthy fats and rich protein sources, with a training routine that was both realistic and demanding but more importantly enjoyable. I began to notice results and changes within a very short space of time, not only physically but mentally as well. I began to really devote myself to this new lifestyle, compliments from friends would boost my confidence and my attitude to life changed. The friends I haven’t seen in sometime don’t actually recognize me. I think I surprised myself with my determination and willingness in my quest for the perfect body. When I first started I had no idea how much commitment it requires to get in shape, something that can be quite daunting initially but patience is a virtue. My entire outlook on life has changed, before I would just accept things for what they were, resign myself to failure and be lazy. Not now, now my attitude is very much the opposite, stop blaming others for my mistakes and just get off my A** and do whatever needs to be done because nobody is going to do it for me!

Being a student in my final year, I feel that my days of boozing and eating rubbish are behind me. Granted it is tough, being a student and living with 5 lads who all drink and eat whatever they like do find it very odd the hours I spend training and eating religiously. Most of the time they are supportive but they often can apply pressure on me to scrap my diet and just get drunk etc. Saying no to my friends on a daily basis is one of the hardest things and sometimes you just have to accept your social life will suffer, but sacrifices have to be made.

I have gone from 16st.5 to 11st .5, god knows what my body fat was when at 16.5st but I wont of been healthy. My finish pictures are after about a year of strict dieting and consistent training, I estimate that my Body fat is around 10-11% and I will aim to monitor this during my bulk. However now I feel, I can achieve what I want.

I think my story is quite common amongst many guys my age. I used to make excuses over everything, give myself reasons for not being in shape or completing something just so I would feel better.

I would love to think that my transformation is enough to encourage and motivate just even one person, to give them the belief that they too can change. I am not entirely happy with the way I am now, I know there is a lot of room for improvement and it is something I plan to do this coming January (lean bulk) however this time instead of doubting myself, I am full of self belief and more than ready to tackle the challenge.

Sometimes my friends ask me, “What protein are you using?” in which my usual response is PhD Pharma whey, however as cheesy as it is, deep down I cant help but think to myself that the only thing that will help you change, is the only thing you cant buy...Motivation!

Sometimes we all like to look at other people and tell ourselves that they are born better than us, their body is better because they were blessed with it and their just lucky full stop.

However in reality, perhaps they were the ones willing to stop making excuses, stop looking for miracle supplements, admit the truth and do everything in their power to change themselves. If you’re reading this and you’re thinking it sounds familiar, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t change.

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