The Power Of Why!

Often I will ask myself ‘why’ I do something. If the true meaning of why doesn’t exists in my head I will quickly become detached from the task at hand, this is just my nature. However, I think that this is actually the case for 95% of people, they just don’t realise it. Let me give you an example. Two people start a 12 week transformation together with the same goals to get ripped. They have identical lifestyles, identical genetics and identical body composition. Yet the one fails to make any progress whilst the other one achieves a rippling 6 pack. Why? Simply the guy who succeeds knew his why and understood what his true drive was. In contrast the guy who failed clearly didn’t have a clue why he was doing the transformation and as a result lost his way. With this said, I wanted to point out 3 very good reasons why you need to learn your why!


Like anything in life you need a direction to move in and you need to know why. If you have decided to work towards achieving a transformation you need to know why. It may be because you really want to attract the attention of smoking hot girls this summer on holiday or it may be a lot more sentimental, such as improving your health to increase the chances of you being around for your kid’s years down the line. Either way, knowing that why will give you a very distinctive sense of direction and you will instantly become empowered with desire and focus. One of the biggest mistakes people make when they try and make the lifestyle switch is failing to understand their why!


Whether you are being paid £1M or your just doing it out of willpower there will be times when you want to cheat, miss workouts or deviate from the plan one way or another. It could simply be a moment’s weakness where by you see an ice cream van and the time fits and you think ‘’mmmm, shall I?’’, knowing your why will really help here. If you understand why you want to get into shape at the end of week 12 and why it means so much to you then it will help carry you through potentially testing times.


There is a very small percentage of people who are able to stick to a plan they absolutely detest just to get the results they want. Having said that these people are often unhappy whilst they are on their diet because they begin to resent the lifestyle! In a situation like this knowing your why can be of real benefit because you are happy to make the sacrifices. You know at the end you will have achieved something which is of great value to yourself making you feel happy along your journey!

There are 3 solid reasons why you need to learn your why! All you have to do is keep asking yourself that very simple question until you cannot expand upon on it any further. That is then your true why which can become a very instrumental part of your progress on your transformation!

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