The math of a mass gainer

The math of a mass gainer –


This might seem like a very obvious and dumbed down article to some of you guys reading but I am genuinely serious when I say that what I am about to discuss is a mistake made by very intelligent people that just simply don’t really think about what they are doing.


Mass gainers are a very useful tool in my opinion for those of us that struggle to put on weight or struggle to intake enough calories from food. However there are some serious issues that people tend to overlook when it comes to mass gainers. There are some really obvious problems that people just don’t see. These things that im talking about are the reason that mass gainers generally get a bad name with more advanced supplement users.


The problem I have with mass gainers is that people just don’t do the simple math involved when looking at which mass gainers to buy. There are a few simple aspects to look at when buying a mass gainer that determine the quality of the product and the value for money. These things to consider are:


Size of tub

Price of tub

Size of serving

Protein content per serving

Servings per tub


These may seem like obvious things to consider for some, but for the majority of people who buy mass gainers they tend to overlook a few of them. If you want to buy sensibly then you need to look at each of these things before buying. I will tell you why.


Take a product like Optimum Nutrition serious mass. If you were to just look at the top 2 figures on the list (size of tub and price of tub) then you would think this product was amazing. A tub is over 5.4kg and costs less than a 2.2kg tub of whey protein. This sounds like terrific value and many people get easily sold on that fact. However you must now look at the other 3 aspects. Size of serving is 334g!! this is over 15 times the size of a whey protein serving. The protein content is just 50g per 334g serving. This means that you need 7 times as much powder to get the same amount of protein as in a whey protein shake. You must now also consider that with a 334g serving size the amount of servings in this massive bag is only 15-17 servings. If you are having 2 servings per day you will only get 1 weeks worth of protein. £40 per week works out to be a lot of money when you consider that a whey protein shake will give you the same amount of protein for half the price. But now you must remember that the serious mass also has many more calories than a whey protein. This is not necessarily value for money though. The rest of the calories come from maltodextrin. You can buy 4.5kgs of maltodextrin for extremely cheap. It makes more sense therefore to buy a whey protein shake like PhD Pharma whey and add some maltodextrin.


So are mass gainers all a total waste of money? My answer is NO! not at all. They provide extreme convenience for people who need a lot of calories in each day. You must also remember that not all mass gainers are mega carb gainers like the serious mass. Take PhD Pharma gain for example. Pharma gain has a much better ingredient profile with things like ground oats and EFA’s. The percentage of protein in the product is nearly double the serious mass and therefore far less powder is required to get the same amount of protein. This therefore means there are more servings in the same amount of powder. The tub of Pharma gain is only 2.25kg but costs £10 less than the serious mass and therefore works out better value for money with a far better nutritional breakdown for quality gains. It is not just full of sugar.


So when you are buying a mass gainer do not be fooled by the size of the tub and the price. As yourself what are the ingredients like? How good is the nutritional breakdown? What percentage is the protein content? Can I make the product cheaper by buying the ingredients individually?


Buying a mass gainer is simple math as long as you look at all of the factors. So buy sensibly and enjoy the results of a good mass gainer.



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