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When choosing which supplements to buy there are a number of different selection processes that you may go through. I personally have a number of ways of selecting the products that I would like to buy. One of the many positive aspects of supplements is that there is such a massive variety that there is always going to be something that will fit your needs perfectly. The only problem is that due to the amount of supplements out there it may take you a while to find it.


In my opinion there are some times in buying supplements or deciding which ones to use that you just have to use trial and error. Supplement experimentation is something that I have personally done for a very long time.


Before I get onto the reasons why I think you should experiment with a few different supplements I will look at the other avenues of deciding upon which supplement to purchase.


One of the most useful methods of choosing a product is to read reviews by other people who have used it. Reviews will give you a good idea on things like the products effectiveness for others, the taste, the consistency, the value etc. You can find reviews just about anywhere. has thousands of great product reviews to help you find a product. There are also websites like where you can find much more in-depth and lengthy product reviews which will give you more information on the product. The only problem with reviews is that most supplements are subjective in many aspects so what applies for one person, or even the majority, may not apply for you. For example there are some products that most people absolutely HATE the taste of but I happen to really enjoy the taste. There are also products like pre-workout drinks that don’t give me any kind of mental buzz or energy at all yet they will give other people the feeling of drinking 20 cups of coffee. For this reason I personally wouldn’t ever go entirely on reviews by other people. That is unless of course all of the reviews are unanimous in their positivity.


Another option of deciding upon whether a product is worth buying or not is looking at the nutritional breakdown and ingredient profile. There are some products I can just look at and know that they will be good. Take for example the PhD Recovery 2:1, I knew before I even used the product that it would be a great recovery product just by looking at the ingredients used and the great nutritional breakdown of the product. There are some ingredients that you know that you respond well to and will be a sure hit in regards to effectiveness of the product. For example in pre-workout drinks like USP Labs Jack3d you will find an ingredient commonly known as geranium stem. This is a stimulant that really gives me a strong buzz so if I see a pre-workout with that in I generally would consider giving it a try. Unfortunately most people wont know what to look for in this sense and they may not know which ingredients work well for them.


The final factor that affects my choice of supplement buying is the brand reputation. If I have used  a certain brand of supplement before and know them to be very good then it is likely if I were looking for a product in a certain category I would buy the one from the brand that I trust to be of good quality. For example I know Anabolic Designs to be a fantastic brand so when they brought out their products Tauro Test and Bullk I immediately bought them even though I had no real reason to believe them to be good. They were new on the market so had no reviews and I hadn’t used most of the ingredients in them before, however I bought them simply because I trusted the brand and knew they only made good products. I was not disappointed with my purchase by the way. Great products. Unfortunately there is always a downside. Even the best brands are capable of making a bad product or two.


To sun up all of these methods and why sometimes you have to just try the product and see for yourself would be a product by Reflex nutrition called Growth matrix. The reviews on the product were all brilliant, It had a phenomenal ingredient list and nutritional breakdown and Reflex as a brand are one of the best brands in the world. Unfortunately though I bought the product and couldn’t even finish the first shake. I just hated the taste. In no way am I suggesting that everyone will dislike it but as taste is subjective it was just one that didn’t agree with me. So I was stuck with a product that I didn’t like.


My point is that with all of the methods of choosing a product available to you, sometimes you just have to try the product for yourself. I personally advocate trying a new product every time you buy a supplement. Don’t stick with the same one every time. The more products you try and experiment with the more you will learn about the brands, the ingredients and what works well for you. Products like fat burners, pre-workout drinks, protein shakes and test boosters are great to vary every time you use them. I must have tried nearly every pre-workout drink out there and I am constantly finding new favourites. When you do experiment with a new product also try to write a review of it on monstersupplements to help your fellow trainers to make the right decision with choosing their supplements.


So get onto and try as many different supplements as you can. You never know what brilliant products you will find that you have never even considered before.




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