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A serious cut, for the most part, is energy sapping, mentally draining, and can feel all too much like self torture. I’d therefore, like to introduce you to a way of cutting that I have found to be almost revolutionary

This year I have decided to cut in a different way. I plan on doing this for 16 weeks in total – I may have to push this a little longer depending on conditioning, but at 4 weeks in I’d like to provide you with the overall concept of this method of cutting and my findings so far.

SKIPLOADING – this is the brainchild of Ken Skip Hill, and started life as simple shit-loading. Shitloading is the term given to a massive binge-out pre-bodybuilding contest to increase fullness in the muscles and give a full hard look on stage (along with water and sodium manipulation). More often than not the aim on a strict cut is to only use shitloading pre-contest, but as your will fails many find that they lose the ability to say ‘no’ to what they are craving and end up going into a massive binge-out (shitload) at the end of a long week of depletion or calorie restriction. This happened to Ken Hill, and he realised that even by stuffing crap like doughnuts down his neck one day a week that he could lose the weight, and more by the following week…. SKIPLOADING is basically the evolution of this process through trial and error.

It’s important to remember that this article provides a basic overview of skiploading and how you can make it work for you, and that Ken Hill tailors loads to his individual clients and learns from, and adapts their loads on a weekly basis to hone in on the desired end result.

In my opinion skiploading will work best if you are on a moderate-low carb diet. It is also very effective if you are using something along the lines of a Keto diet. Most of the available information I have found on skiploading is from people on low carb diets. According to Skip’s longevity DVD and Seminar it will work regardless of if you have a high carb vs low carb diet, cutting or bulking so do bare this in mind.

The best day to skipload is usually Saturday or Sunday. Mainly because most people are off work on these days, and most people tend not to train on these days. These days do not have to be set in stone – just pick a day you are not at work and don’t train. Its best to be at home on a skip-load as it allows you easier access to food. The idea behind not training is to ensure that you are not using the load to fuel or recover from immediate exercise. I presume this is to ensure that you can maximise glycogen replenishment. It is also my understanding that eating an excess of calories (which you definitely will during a skipload!) will also significantly rev your metabolism. If you train you will dip into these additional calories, and potentially reduce the metabolic kick in the face your load will provide to your body.

The principles behind skiploading…

Weigh yourself before your skipload (upon waking is best)

Start with a 6 hour window of Skiploading. Usually it’s best to go from Breakfast and time 6 hours. When 6 hours are up go back to your normal diet

Eat high carb foods- the higher the GI the better, but make sure its low fat. Yes that’s sugary foods such as pancakes in syrup, malt loaf covered in jam, pic and mix, marshmallows, kids cereals, fruit etc. The skies the limit here- as long as its high GI, low fat it’s on the menu.

Keep water intake to a minimum! This is important because the carbs will act like a sponge in your stomach and drinking water at your normal levels will make you feel very bloated, full and uncomfortable.

No dairy (it slows down digestion). If you opt for kids cereals then mix them with a protein shake (be warned coco pops mixed with chocolate whey shake and chocolate syrup = chocolate overload!)

Eat your carbs, do not drink them. This means no fruit juice drinks or bottles of coke.

Use your hunger as a guide as to when to eat. If you are hungry eat. Don’t stick to set meal times as you normally would – think about the load as a 6hour graze. If you are full don’t eat again until you are hungry.

PERSONAL PREFERENCE – Start on high GI carbs and taper onto more savoury carbs such as low fat crisps, low fat oven chips, potatoes, pasta, low fat pizza etc. You will find that there is only so much sugar you can eat before you feel terrible. You can increase the GI of more savoury foods by dipping them in BBQ sauce, ketchup, syrup, jam or sprinkling sugar onto them etc.

Your skipload will add instant next day weight to the scales, but fear not, it’s only going to be water weight. Expect to put on anything from 1-10lbs depending on just how much you can eat. Your job every morning following the load is to stand on the scales and check your weight. You are aiming to baseline (return to the same weight as before your skipload) by Wednesday mornings weigh-in. If you baseline early then add 2 hours onto the following weeks load. If you baseline late remove an hour on the following weeks load. You may baseline as late as Friday, and this can be scary and a bit demoralising, but you should still lose weight by the following Saturday. If you get to a point where you are loading all day on Saturday from waking to going to bed (and this does happen to some) then you may wish to bring your load forward to a few hours of Friday night – this should help you eat more as you can fill up on Friday night and wake up hungry on Saturday morning.

They key benefit to skiploading for me is that it works – plain and simple. I don’t care about the science or lack of science behind it, I don’t care that nobody has published a study on it or that it’s a bit left field from the norm and gets some bodybuilders knickers in a twist.  Every week for 4 weeks I have skiploaded for 6 hours and lost weight. Whilst I continue to get leaner I also have the added benefit of getting stronger and am hitting new personal bests week-in-week out (whoever thought that would be possible on a cut?!). I have also found skiploading helps me maintain my focus – mainly in part because I know that come Saturday I can graze on sugary foods. Coincidentally I have also found that I do not crave carbs until the load weight has dropped off – which is great because Sunday – Wednesday keeping diet on point is effortless.

There are some negatives with skiploading so it’s only right of me to bring these up so you can decide if this is something that may work for you. The load itself could potentially pose health concerns for 2 reasons. 1 – Holding excess water is not good for the heart. However, I have yet to read of anybody that has put on excessive water weight, and many anabolic steroid users hold water weight in excess of 7lbs for prolonged periods of time without causing heart or health problems. 2 - Such a large volume of high GI carbs will cause a massive insulin spike. Insulin has been linked to cancer growth and cholesterol deposits. I think this is only problematic if you have cancer, if you don’t and you are healthy then nothing to worry about in my opinion. A lot of bodybuilders who poo-poo skiploading seem to focus in on these 2 key factors, but will, ironically run anabolic steroids, clen, t3 or ECA in their own contest preparation – all of which pose more potential health risks than eating food.

You can download skips longevity DVD for free from his own Intense Muscle website. The important chapters, should you not wish to download them all, are the 2 for the Seminar and the skiploading addendum which is an add on to the seminar.

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