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Happy New Year, FitMag! 2011 is already a distant memory as 2012 comes striding in with the world's most dedicated athletes descending on London for the Olympics. The best of the best on our doorstep! I defy anyone to not feel inspired by these amazing athletes whose dedication and drive is second to none! I absolutely love the Olympic Games and this year, with it being right on here in our Capital, I get to be extra patriotic too! Whether you train for physique, fun, injury rehabilitation or you have a sport, the Olympics will showcase our worlds best for you to see what great things people can achieve when they put their heart and body in to it. Get involved and let yourself be inspired, discover how they do it, why they do it and how they keep doing it.

As for me, after a great 2011, I'm already training hard and nailing the diet to hit the UKBFF circuit. Also you can see me representing my sponsors PhD at the Fitness Expos FIBO in Essen, Germany and Bodypower here at the NEC Birmingham. Come and say hi!

Sooo....nearly halfway through January....who has made and broken their New Years Resolution?? Good.

Now we can get down to making some proper, long term, realistic fitness goals. I made my decision to go for it and compete in September 2010. Not New Years Day with the hangover from hell and a couple of days (weeks for some!) worth of over extensive Christmas overeating in my system. I made my decision and started working on it straight away. No pressure, no gimmicks, no being a sheep and jumping on the resolution bandwagon. If your Resolution has been the same every year for more than three's obviously not working....time for a change of approach.  January 1st is not like going to confession. The sins of the previous few weeks unfortunately can not be washed away, they stay with you! They can be forgiven but your body won't forget them...the step forward to changing your life for the better should begin with positivity and planning. Try allowing yourself a little time to find out how to make the changes.

To many, instantly changing your lifestyle, coupled with the lows of going back to work after the highs of the festive period, as soon as January hits is just not realistic. Some commit and achieve, you can't deny and not acknowledge that, but I rarely see fitness and physique goals carried out to that point. Sometimes the resolution is just way too unrealistic.  A complete gym-o-phobe for example saying, 'I'm going to the gym every day this year'. What? A place you profess to detest, you want to visit every day for the next 365 days? Wouldn't it make sense to say, ' I will go to the gym and talk to a fitness professional about what I need to do to achieve my goals and enjoy doing it at the same time'. Too sensible? Of course. Make sense? Absolutely.

Put a little thought into what you actually want. I asked my clients to reassess their goals over Christmas and New Year, rather than starting on January 1st I asked them to just start thinking about what they want from 2012. For a month just think about it and see how much they want it. I actually took on new clients before Christmas on the condition we start in February when they've had time to think, really start to want it and look forward to it. Already by the middle of January, they can't wait to start! Body and mind ready to go!



I'm sure I've said it and it's been said many times before. Consistency is key. There are a few ways you can start to look and feel better, certain healthy habits that will carry you through to a better body. Take a look...

1) Train your brain!

Positive thinking and belief will take you far. How many stories have you heard of people being told they'd never walk again, only to find that they beat the odds? They wanted to walk, believed they would walk and kept working at it till they did. Same goes for you,

2) Change the way you eat, long term!

Changes aren't easy. But the longer you eat in a better way the more likely you are to achieve your look and be able to maintain it. Remember that it doesn't mean you can never eat a bar of chocolate again, it means you'll appreciate it much more when you do!

3) Move much, much more!

You have to train for health. Think of it as health insurance! But to get a fit looking body with great shape, you gotta pick up some weights....

4) Set your goals

Do you ever take a journey on; say a bus or a train, not knowing where you're going? Not very often. How infuriating must it be to not actually know why you're doing something? Don't waste your time and money! If you want to lose body fat, bite the bullet and get your readings done. Know where you are. The goal could be small, what you'll achieve this month, but keep your eyes ahead on the bigger picture of what you desire! Decide and conquer!

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