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To be the best you have to learn from the very best. Whilst the term ‘very best’ may be thrown about casually by some websites, when we say the ‘very best’ we mean it! Education is essential to your progression as an athlete and more specifically the right education. This is the point where we try and show you why our guest in the interview is credible and that they are worth listening to. Today I am not going to do that, I am just going to write his name down – Ronnie Coleman!


Yes, the 8 time Mr Olympia has joined us today to offer you the best advice on every topic you could wish to ask such a legend of the sport of bodybuilding! Can I hear a ‘’yeah buddy’’ off you!? Enough of that, I don’t know about you but I am dying to learn from Big Ron!

Ronnie thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to be with FitMag at today, as always we really do appreciate it!

No problem Adam, it is my pleasure to be working alongside with my new supplement line!

Likewise! Let’s get straight into it! I am sure everybody wants to know, how exactly did you get started with training in the first place Ron?

I first started training way back as a kid when I was about 12 years old! By the time I was 13 I was lifting fairly heavy weights and I was invited to compete with the school powerlifting team. Back then although I was strong I was never strong enough to win any big competitions. From there on in I trained like a powerlifter using basic compound movements like squats, deadlifts, bench pressing and barbell curls up until the age of about 25.

Right so all the way until 25 you never trained like a bodybuilder?

Nope, and I never ate like one either. I pretty much ate what I wanted to eat because I didn’t really understand and appreciate the importance of nutrition. Having said that I was fairly muscular, in fact I can tell you a funny story. When I was about 20 years old in college my teacher asked me in class why I didn’t compete as a bodybuilder. Back then I was adamant I didn’t want to do anything like that, I didn’t really know much about it. He then called me out in front of the class and measured my arms, they were 21’’ flexed! By the time I was 25 they had grown to 22’’ although I hadn’t taken my eating seriously or my training. All I did in the gym was train for strength at that time.

Clearly you were designed to be Mr Olympia early on! So how did you make the transition, what was the turning point for you to become the Ronnie Coleman as we know you today?

In college I was studying accountancy and when I graduated I moved to Dallas to get a job doing just that. Unfortunately there were no jobs available so I ended up working in Domino’s Pizza place to earn a living. After working there for 2 years and failing to get a job in accountancy I got fed up and decided to join the police force.



This is when I met a guy who worked for the police and told me I should come and train with him at this local gym. He told me that they had bigger weights and more equipment so we could get a much better workout done! I was up for it so I went along which is when I met the owner of that gym. Of course, that gym was Metroflex and the owner of that gym is Brian Dobson. As soon as Brian saw me he tried to make me compete, he would go on at me about competing and why I should do it. What finally got me was that he told me I could have free gym membership if I competed in 12 weeks time, and because I was very poor at the time I couldn’t turn that offer down! From there Brian taught me how to train as a bodybuilder, how to eat like a bodybuilder and what supplements to use. In fact everything I know today about bodybuilding came from Brian!  It all went from there!

So how did Brian change your training?

Up until meeting Brian I had trained like a powerlifter with very heavy weights and using very low repetitions. We increased my repetition ranges to around 8-12, and on some occasions anywhere between 15-30 depending on what we were training and when! Brain also had me using a bigger variety of exercises to help develop all areas of my physique!

Everyone who has just a tiny understanding of bodybuilding knows Ronnie Coleman is one strong powerhouse! Can you tell us about some of your strongest lifts?

As I got older I got stronger, it has always been that way for me.

On the bench press I would use 500lbs (228KG) for 8-10 repetitions; I never really went heavier to find out what I could do for 1-2 repetitions in case of injury!

On the deadlifts and squats I could rep 800lbs (364KG) comfortably as some of you guys may have seen in my videos!

Earlier you mentioned your arms were 22’’ by 25, what was the biggest they ever measured? Note readers – whilst size isn’t everything we are talking inhuman sizes here so this is just for fun!

On stage I competed with 24’’ arms and my chest was just over 60’’!

24’’ arms on stage!? They must have been bursting the tape at 25’’ off-season, incredible! With regards to our FitMag readers what would your main pieces of advice be to them on the topic of training?

Using tight form is very important to make sure you stimulate the muscle properly! I would also say it is vital that you use a variety of exercises for each body part so the body doesn’t get board. If you use the same exercises over and over again your body will become accustomed to it and you will probably struggle to grow!

Advice from a record holding 8 time Mr Olympia guys, take note! Moving on to nutrition, you mentioned earlier that it really counts for everything! What does your diet look like?

My diet mainly consisted of lean steak, chicken breast, and rice and baked potato. After many many years of trial and error I found these foods worked best for me.

What would your main piece of advice be in regards to nutrition for FitMag readers?

In my opinion everybody is different and it is very important that you find out what foods work best for you. As I said above it took me an awful long time to find out which foods worked best for me, but once I found them it just became second nature.

Anybody who wants to build muscle mass and burn body fat needs to eat at least every 3 hours. First you have to train your body to digest this amount of food every three hours. This means taking all the bad carbs and fats out of your diet and eating smaller nutritious meals. After a while your metabolism will speed up and your body will be able to digest the nutrients in the meals more effectively. This is very important because your body needs to be able to assimilate all the protein for example if you are going to grow.

Ron do you have any tips for our FitMag readers in regards to staying on their diet – I know you are a huge fan of BBQ sauce!

I sure am! I found that by having BBQ sauce or tomato ketchup with each of my meals I was able to stay on track all of the time, it wasn’t hard for me. To compensate for the extra calories I was consuming from the sauces I did a little extra cardio. You could say I found the perfect balance which enabled me to enjoy my food and get into shape and that is what I would recommend you guys do to! Find a way to enjoy your meals and stay in shape, if it means doing extra cardio then do that!

Perfect! Moving on to supplementation, I am really excited to hear about the new Ronnie Coleman Signature Series you have brought out this year! Can you tell us how it came about?

On a personal note I always wanted to have my own business, I have always been around it since I was a kid working grocery stores. With my background in accountancy and marketing I felt I was suited to bringing out my own line.

Back in 2007 I competed for the last time and at that point I decided I wanted to bring my own supplement line out. It has taken over 4 years to make that happen because I was so focussed on bringing something which really worked and something where all my years of experience could really be put into the products! We all know a lot of the supplements out there don’t work and I couldn’t do that to my fans! My name is a brand and I don’t like it to be associated with anything which isn’t the best so my supplements had to be just that!

I personally tested the different formulas for a long time to find which ingredients worked best. Remember, I have been a bodybuilder for a very long time and I have used supplements during that time. This means that my receptors are pretty stubborn now, so if the supplement works for me it is certainly going to work for you! I didn’t want to bring a cheap line out for the sake of it, my products are not the cheapest but that is because all of the ingredients are all of premium quality. Whilst they may cost you more you are definitely going to get results, take it from me!

Great! I hear that Myo-Blitz is regarded as possibly the most hardcore pre-workout supplement; can you tell us more about the products?

Myo-Blitz is crazy; I could use nothing else to fuel my workouts after using that! Obviously in the past I have worked with other brands so I wanted to surpass them and I feel this product has certainly done that.

Our second product, Resurrect-PM is a before bed supplement. If I learnt one thing as an 8 time Mr Olympia it was that you grow when you sleep! This supplement will help you sleep; promote muscle recovery and growth like no other product. I was insistent on bringing out a product which would really benefit our customers and give them results and I am positive this product will do just that!

Those are our two first products which are available for our UK customers on, and we have plenty more to follow let me tell you!

Ron, I would really like to thank you from the team at for joining us and sharing your vast amount of knowledge! It sure has been an education for us all! We look forward to hearing more from you in the near future!

It has been my pleasure, thank you to all my great fans in the UK and at! I really hope you guys enjoy using my products!




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