Have You Got It?

Spend 5 minutes reading about any top professional athlete and you will soon discover that mental toughness has always been part of their DNA. So when you read the title of this article, ‘’have you got it?’’ what I am really asking is this, are you mentally tough? Many people think they are, they think they could diet and do a transformation no problem yet I am still be convinced by many of them. Here is my, for want of a better word ‘’checklist’’ for you to run through to find out if you really do have the mental strength and determination to transform yourself. To qualify it, I mean stick to a plan which is geared towards fat loss and gaining very good conditioning.

Whatever it takes

If I had £1 for every conversation I with somebody in the gym about excuses and obstacles which prevent them from getting into great condition, and why it is easier for me I would be a rather wealthy young man! Things like, ‘’I would be in shape if only I didn’t have to work . . . . .’’ or ‘’the thing is my body is just different, it just doesn’t seem to work . . .’’ and the list goes on. The thing is, I respect that having a very busy career can be a huge obstacle, and I do also respect that some people do find it harder than others to get into shape. It just that when nearly everyone tells you the same kind of bull you begin to doubt their drive. Currently I am transforming a group of guys and they are all very busy people let me tell you, and none of them have outstanding genetics! One is a Director of a finance company and another is a window fitter in London. One has to hit the gym at 6am to get his weight session in, and the other does his cardio at 4:30am. So, do they sound as though they have particularly easy cards to deal with? No, but they control their environment and ultimately it is their mental toughness which is carrying them through! This really is a case of ‘’whatever it takes’’ and it is totally necessary before you even think about a transformation!


Preparation isn’t just a process you do; it requires mental toughness in abundance! Why? Anything which requires effort requires mental strength because it is so easy to say ‘’oh it will be fine, I will do that tomorrow’’ but the truth is you just don’t want to do it badly enough! So, are you prepared to be prepared? Really? Even if it means getting up at 4am to cook your meals, or cook extra meals because you’re travelling, or ask your hotel for a fridge in your room or even locate a gym whilst you’re away. These all require a lot of effort, but if your mental toughness is at a level where it needs to be you will do it! Is it?

Holding on for the ride

In a 12 week period for example, what are the chances you are going to be caught by surprise just once? Maybe the car breaks down as you’re on your way home for meal number 6, or you have to rush somewhere to see or get somebody or you may even have a headache! It is likely something will crop up, but if you want this bad enough it won’t stop you. So many people will excuse themselves from cheating because something came up. Well guess what?! We all have things to deal with, CEOs, bin men, teachers, unemployed, personal trainers and fishermen. It is irrelevant, you understand what your lifestyle is like and you can take the necessary actions if you so wish to. It is just a case of knowing what you want; do you want it bad enough? Are you willing to hold on whatever tries to throw you off track?

To finish, I have one question. Are you tough enough?

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