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We all know how much a difference diet can play on our performance in the day, whether that is keeping focussed at work, feeling energised for a run or hitting the weights heavy. You need to keep your muscles fuelled throughout the day to see the most growth in your performance. I will now outline an example diet plan to do just that:

Breakfast: Smoothie

Blend: Whey, 3 almonds, 2 Brazil nuts, 2 dates, 80g blueberries, 50g natural yoghurt and 250ml skimmed milk.

The whey replenishes glycogen helping to give energy and helps muscles recover from their overnight fast, when they may go catabolic and start to break down. There is also Protein in the yoghurt, nuts and milk and along with the fibre in the berries it will help to prevent hunger pangs later in the day. Carbs are provided by the berries, yoghurt and these promote absorption of magnesium, calcium and iron to maintain and help muscle growth. The dates will provide a rich supply of natural sugars, providing energy for the exercise ahead.

Morning Snack: Mashed Avocado on Oatcakes

Avocados provide B vitamins helping to release energy and mono saturated fats improving blood flow to your muscles. Oatcakes will provide slow release carbs giving energy to train later in the day and helping to maintain stable blood sugar levels. Also this is a filling snack that doesn't provide a huge amount of calories.


Lunch: Jacket Potato with Tuna and Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese provides a protein called casein; this is very slow digesting, giving your body a steady release of muscle-building amino acids. Tuna is an ideal protein source, convenient and when mixed with cottage cheese provides a great amino acid blend. The potato is low in fat and will supply enough carbs to fuel your workout.

Pre-WO Snack: Almond Butter on Rice Cakes with Whey

The simple sugars in the rice cakes will provide instant energy and the protein from the almond butter and whey will give a prolonged release of protein for the duration of your workout.

Post-WO Snack: Phd Recovery 2:1

A convenient way to get protein and carbohydrates into your system is to use a shake. Carbohydrates will help create an insulin spike and will help your body absorb the protein, enhancing recovery and muscle growth. Phd Recovery2:1 has been specifically formulated to be the perfect post workout fuel.

Dinner: Fillet steak with sweet potato and vegetables

The steak is low in fat and high in protein, red meat also contains excellent testosterone boosting properties and creatine to boot. Eating plenty of vegetables gives the nutrients to help muscles recover and strengthen your immune system. I recommend Broccoli as its rich in nutrients that reduce estrogen, a hormone that will lower testosterone. Also they are packed with B vitamins, helping release the nervy from the foods you have eaten. The sweet potato will further promote recovery refuelling your depleted glycogen stores after exercise.

Pre-Bed snack: Optimum Nutrition Casein

As I said earlier casein is a very slow digesting protein, and this will drip feed your muscles throughout the night, helping to promote anabolism and counter act catabolism. I suggest a powdered form simply for convenience and the fact it can be treated as a dessert, simply add a little amount of water with the powder in a bowl for a thick pudding. Mix with some Greek Yoghurt for added protein and a more ice cream like texture, the yoghurt also contains the amino acid tryptophan which produces a calming chemical serotonin helping you sleep.

Totals: 2,600 calories, 250g Carbs, 250g Protein, 75g Fats


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