Craig Rowlands' Super 12 Week Transformation - Week 2!

Remember last week I spoke to you about my admiration for Craig Rowlands’ and his mammoth effort to achieve the transformation of a lifetime? The article where I went on about how I had been ‘’slapped in the chops with a big wedge of motivation’’ having worked with him for only 8 days. Well that effect hasn’t worn off, it is still firmly ingrained within and as I update you on Craig’s progress I am sure you will understand why!

‘’I have put 1.8lbs back on mate!’’

When I read this I smiled! As I read through the email from Craig telling me how he was ‘’a little disheartened’’ because after losing 9lbs in his first week he had gained nearly 2lbs. Why did I smile? Obviously he is gaining muscle and growing into his diet, perfect! How do I know that? If he is eating the same foods as I told him to, the same cardio and training intense there is no way that gain is fat!

‘’Today was great but I had to carry the microwave around London with me to cook my rice!’’

Did you just read that? No, your eyes are not playing games Craig really did transport his microwave with him just to ensure he was never left without a single meal! This comes back to the commitment you are willing to put in and what lengths you are willing to go to. Craig clearly doesn’t have a level of commitment which expires like so many others; he simply comes up against a hurdle and leaps over it like he has anti-gravity boots on!

‘’I thought I was going to be sick but I didn’t give up because I don’t want to let you down’’

This says it all; the desire to win is there. The above sentence was from Craig as he was updating me about the leg workout he had just finished which I sent him. With such a short period of time to transform the body you really have to train your arse off. The leg workout I had Craig doing compromised of very high reps, giant sets and very limited rest between sets. In one word it was brutal and I was very impressed that he managed to avoid puking! The willingness to go to dark places which you haven’t been mentally or physically before is key, but it can be very hard to mentally prepare yourself to go to such dark places.

‘’I am feeling back to my old self’’

Remember in part one Craig was struck in the head with a golf ball from 300yds!? Well the very next day he was up at 4:30am hitting his cardio session. When he told me this I must admit I wasn’t sure if I would have even done it! Fortunately, a week on Craig has enjoyed a lucky escape and is alive and kicking!

 Checkout Craig's progress in just 12 days!

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