Craig Rowlands - Beyond Motivation, Week 4 Update!

For the past 3 weeks we have taken an awful lot of motivation and inspiration from Mr Craig Rowlands. He has been through the mill with the amount of obstacles which have stood in his way, but instead of becoming flustered by them he simply got over them, in some cases through them quite literally! Read on to find out what Craig has got up to in week 4, how he is feeling and what issues he has had to deal with.

Make it your worst

In a short sentence this sums up Craig’s drive and determination. This is in fact Craig asking me for a workout, and he always wants something which is very challenging and very intense. Of course, I insist on this because we only have a short space of time to achieve a great transformation. In this case, every workout really does count! So I gladly obliged, sending Craig a leg workout which he reported back saying ‘’I felt as though I was going to be sick and I felt dizzy’’ which of course I was delighted with. These are all the tell tale signs of a properly intense leg workout, anything less is, well not intense enough in my book! For those of you who are interested, I have shared this very workout with you below.

Giant set 1 X 4

Smith Machine Squats 12-15

Leg extensions triple drop set total reps of 35-40

Partial leg extensions 15-20

Leg press 40-50 (use a weight which causes you to fail at 20-25, then rest/pause)

Giant set 2 X 3

Stiff leg dumbbell deadlifts 15-20

Seated leg curls 6-8

Lying dumbbell leg curls 12-15

Done right, with the right intensity you will struggle to sleep on your front for at least a week as Craig and I found out!!

The diet is working mate!

As with any transformation you need to set out with a starting point and adjust accordingly as and when you need to. It can tale 4-6 weeks to really nail a diet which works for you. Craig is carb cycling and it is working a treat for him. Having used the anabolic diet last year, he wanted something with carbs in this time around. As I said, it takes time to get it right and I make so claim that I am perfect at finding the right diet. Craig is telling me he is now hungry even on higher carb days (immediately, they are still relatively low) so we are going to make some changes very soon to ensure we are preserving muscle mass. So far, so good overall.

It was -4 mate!

Sure, on the news parts of the UK have been as low as -13 but at least when you get inside, light the fire, wrap up warm and put the heating on you can overcome the cold. The temperature Craig was referring to above was INSIDE the gym he trains at when he is home the weekends, back from London!! Yes, -4 inside the bloody gym! I don’t know about you, but it would take me about 20 minutes to warm up before I was ready to really hit the workout! This is just another testimony to Craig’s desire!

Remember to head back here for the week 5 update where we may share a sneaky progress pic and tell you a thing or two about the diet and the alterations we have made!

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