Craig Rowlands' 12 Week Transformation, Week 3 - Beyond Motivation

By now many of you will be regular readers of the series I am writing about where you get to see Craig Rowlands transform. In the previous two episodes you have seen Craig go through some very traumatic things including being hit from 300 yards by a golf ball to the back of the skull! You have also been greatly inspired by Craig’s efforts to stay on track even when it has meant doing cardio 4:30am on freezing winter mornings! So what has week 3 thrown at Craig?

Not happy

For a series which is supposed to motivate you this is probably the most depressing heading you could wish to read. However, this is the whole point of this series – to show you guys that transformations are not plain sailing fairy tails. They can be an emotional rollercoaster and one which can often make you want more, faster! So when I was walking into a service station with Neil Hill and my Iphone vibrated, I must admit I was initially frustrated to read that heading in my inbox. Not with Craig, but with myself because Craig clearly wasn’t pleased with his progress. However, after 2 minutes of rational thought I decided I was! Last year Craig achieved an amazing transformation with a zero carb, high fat diet for 12 weeks. In week 6 he was at 12 stone 11 and after just 3 weeks on my moderate carb diet he is 13 stone 1 with a lot more muscle on his frame. That means if we just lose 1lb a week for the next 3 we will be at the same weight as last year 6 weeks in, but with more muscle. Since that email Craig has become more pleased again, and I absolutely know his transformation will be great!

Can we change the pitta bread, I bloody hate them!

This cracked me up when I read it, as you can probably see for yourself Craig was asking can we remove the wholemeal pitta breads from his diet. Of course, I was more than happy to do that because I never advocate somebody eating foods they do not enjoy for results. What is the point? You won’t sustain it that is for sure! Some people would think changing foods around can be detrimental but if the nutritional profile of the replacement food is very similar then there is no issue. In this instance, brown rice, sweet potato, oats or even baked potato would all suffice as reasonable replacements.

I trust you

When someone says that to you it can be overwhelming, especially when you become so emotionally attached to their goals and feel a great sense of duty to them. The great thing is with Craig I know he does trust me because he just does as I say; he is the text book client for any personal trainer or nutritionist.

I looked really lean

We started with a slightly negative heading and we shall finish with a positive! Craig emailed me saying he lean he felt he looked in comparison to just a couple of weeks ago when he was in the gym. This is always great to hear simply because you know that person is only going to become more motivated to strive for better things!

In conclusion, week 3 has been challenging for us both but I do think that Craig is on track and he is going to look absolutely brilliant at the end!

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