Craig Rowlands' 12 Week Transformation - Beyond Motivation!

I don’t know about you but I feel right now as though I need my weekly dose of motivation! Just like in a fairytale, I was thumped right in the chops by a royal wedge of motivation. FitMag writer Craig Rowland asked me to prepare him for a 12 week transformation competition and after 8 days working with him I am already super motivated! As you know motivation is infectious so we are going to give you a weekly update on Craig’s progress so you never find yourself struggling for inspiration! If you are feeling as though you could do with a lift, read on!

‘’Do as I say’’

When I take on a client to help them with a transformation the only thing I ask of them is they do as I say. No more and certainly no less. Whilst everyone is super motivated at the beginning of a transformation I found with Craig he really meant what he said. If he told me he was doing something, did X amount of cardio or ate a certain meal I knew it was true. This really is a breath of fresh air to me for several reasons. Firstly it helps avoid any issues between us because I am not going to get frustrated if the results are not progressing and I don’t think he is doing what I say, and secondly because I KNOW if he listens the results will come.

‘’Let the results speak for themselves’’

Some people may be sceptical but I have found the best way to combat this is to let the results speak for themselves. We are precisely 8 days into the competition and Craig has dropped 9lbs, gained an inch around his arms and chest! Before you think ‘’bull****’’ please remember we have just cleaned his diet up so there is going to be a decrease in water retention. In terms of size gain, what can I say? His diet is very high protein and his carb intake is fairly generous so along with the high water intake his muscles are going to flair up. So far I couldn’t have dreamed for better results with Craig, right now I think he is going to win this 12 week transformation competition!

‘’I don’t want to let you down’’

Craig works away from home in the week which really makes dieting hard and of course training. What’s more he has a very early starts in the morning so doing cardio before breakfast could have been an issue. Oh no, Craig just gets up at 4:30 to do his cardio which quickly gets around that issue. Did you just hear that, 4:30AM on freezing winter mornings which could freeze the nuts off a bull!! This sums up Craig’s efforts so far and all he says is ‘’I will do it, I don’t want to let you down’’ which to me is extremely inspiring! Can I excuse missing a meal, missing cardio or cheating? Hell no! How can you when you know this guy is going through hell and back just to achieve an eye popping transformation!

‘’like a golf ball’’

On the weekend Craig was enjoying some quality time going for a walk with his father and dog when he heard and felt a very loud crack. As he fell to his knees he realised a golf ball had just ploughed into the back o his head!! Some absolute moron was practising his driving in a country park and had in fact struck the ball 300yds where it was stopped by Craig’s skull! Initially after going to A&E we thought we were out for the count, this could have potentially killed Craig quite easily and I know how upset he was, and I was just as angry at this complete idiot who clearly has no regards for others playing golf next to a foot path! Although Craig’s head had swollen like a golf ball he was determined to continue so we decided to proceed with caution. Today he assures me he is absolutely fine and loving every minute of this transformation.

‘’what is your excuse, partner?’’

When you look at what this man has done and gone through in 8 days can you justify not putting the effort in? Do your ‘’excuses’’ really excuse you from giving it 110%? Probably not is the answer, it just boils down to determination and how badly you want something. Clearly Craig is desperate to win this competition and achieve the best physical and mental condition of his life! So with the first instalment of Craig’s transformation complete I can safely say I am well and truly fired up! All I have to ask you is, what is your excuse, partner?

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