Consistency Is King!

Just yesterday I was talking to a very good friend of mine, Harry Ranson and we were discussing the single one piece of advice you would give to a beginner who wanted to build muscle and lose fat. Or let’s go one step further, progress in any given physical activity! Almost without hesitation we both simultaneously came up with consistency as our number one piece of advice. From there I wanted to put across to you guys and show you exactly why it pays to be consistent, especially in this walk of life!


Nobody goes to the gym, starts a diet and spends hard earned cash on supplements without craving results, it wouldn’t make sense! Yet so many people commit this very offense, they begin with a bang and 5 days later they are slacking. Then 6 days later they start again and the pattern continues. After 12 months of this yo-yo pattern they wonder why their results are almost none-existent. It is not because you don’t know a secret about dieting, or about a secret supplement it is because you have lacked consistency! In simple terms, find a diet, supplementation and training plan which works and STICK to it at all costs! This is the true definition of consistency and it WILL yield results.


How many times have you ‘’started’’ a diet and then 7 days later ‘’started’’ again because it was Jane’s birthday at work and you had to eat some of the birthday cake? If not that exact example, I am sure you can think of one similar. The problem is all this kind of approach does is demoralise you, as where in contrast sticking to something and applying consistency motivates you! Every week that you are consistent with all aspects of our chosen lifestyle you will become that little bit more motivated to succeed. Increased motivation is certainly a huge benefit of being consistent!


All of us have done things whether it was going to great effort to start a business, surprise somebody or start a diet and then wonder what was the point? The truth is there is no point in making the lifestyle switch if you cannot be consistent. Don’t put yourself in a position whereby in 12 months you are asking yourself what was the point, it isn’t a nice place to be mentally! If you stay consistent, you can avoid that!


This is one of my favourite words although I am not quite sure whether it is ‘’officially’’ a real word!! The meaning behind it basically is what it says on the tin, the ability to stick at something long term and make it work. It almost goes hand in hand with consistency, and by being consistent with your diet, training and supplementation plan you will certainly develop stickability. Not only will this benefit you as an athlete, it will benefit you in other walks of life simply because you develop this character trait!

There are 4 very good reasons as to why being consistent really is key, and how it can benefit you in other areas of your life. There really is no secret, and if there was one it is exactly this – be consistent!

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