Adam Gethin's Tip of the Week!

Sharing tips with you guys can be very satisfying, it is nice to know that they help you reach your goals. For me I always like to keep things simple because I do believe for the most part simplicity combined with consistency is the key to your success as an athlete!

Double Up

Many of you will be starting a transformation very soon, where burning body fat and maintaining all your hard earned muscle is a priority! Even if your current goal is gaining muscle mass I still think this is a great tip for all you guys to follow.

When you wake up, the second you realise you are no longer dreaming you need to get a good 30-50g of whey isolate protein down! Give it 30-40 minutes and then go for a solid breakfast getting your protein from eggs, egg whites or meat and your carbs from oats or brown toast. What you have done is taken advantage of a second anabolic window much like the one you enjoy right after a hardcore workout! This is my tip for you this week, and I feel this can lead to great results!

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