Adam Gethin Talks About Training Twice A Day - Yay Or Nay?

When I train I always like to know my muscles have been worked to failure and that they couldn’t have given an extra rep even if there was £1M on offer! Sure, that may be a slight exaggeration but you see where I am coming from. The reason I say this is because recently I was reading about twice a day training and my initial reaction was ‘’what a load of bull****!’’ What sparked such a reaction was the fact that like I just said, if I train a muscle group they ache for days so how the hell could I train that muscle group just a matter of hours later? However, I did some reading and as I began to understand the logic behind it I do think it does have its place. There is a very big but though, bigger than J-Lo’s in fact! You must understand how to apply twice a day training correctly AND know when it is beneficial. In addition using the correct nutrition and supplementation protocol is not just necessary, it is absolutely essential!

The Application of twice a day training

To keep things simple we will talk about twice a day training in relation to arms. The idea is to hit the biceps and triceps with very low volume, high intensity training in the first part of the day. We are talking 3 working sets for both biceps and triceps after an adequate warm up with a repetition range of 5-6. For biceps I would recommend single arm preacher curls and triceps I would recommend straight bar pushdowns. Keeping the rest periods to around 90 seconds between each working set you will have long enough to recover and train strong. This first arm workout is strength related, the focus is on making the arms become stronger!

For the second part of the day you switch it up and hit arms with a volume session. Going to failure isn’t advocated here because we don’t want to completely pull your arms to pieces, instead we want to intelligently stimulate growth via continues tension and full muscle contractions. For this workout we are going to run with 4 lots of supersets perform 4 times each, with only 40 seconds rest between each one! The first superset will be barbell preacher curls (alternate between close grip and wide grip on each set to hit different areas of the biceps!) and straight bar pushdowns (alternate between close and wide grip to hit different areas of the triceps!). The second superset will be alternating dumbbell curls and overhead rope extensions. The third superset will be reverse grip barbell curls with rope pushdowns and the final superset will be seated dumbbell curls and upright dips! Remember, the emphasis on this workout is squeezing the bicep and triceps very hard, getting a very strong muscle contraction and forcing as much blood into the muscle as possible to help stretch out the fascia!

The application of nutrition & supplements

Training like this means that there are set rules with regards to supplements and nutrition. Before, during and right after you need to be taking in at 6g of BCAAs to help prevent the onset of catabolism! I would also highly recommend 5g of glutamine before and immediately after both workouts. After both workouts it would also be advisable to have a recovery drink which contains fast digesting proteins and carbohydrates. CNP Pro-Recover or PhD Recover 2:1 are both great choices in this instance! For the second workout it would also be advisable to take a good pre-workout such as Gaspari Super Pump MAX or PhD V-Max Pump to really emphasise the muscle pump you achieve with the volume workout!

The benefits of twice a day training

The key benefit to training like this is the pure shock you cause! Your muscles are not going to be accustomed to this and they certainly will not be expecting it. Done right this form of training could force your arms to grow like never before.

Word of caution

Before you get all psyched up and tell your missus ‘’sorry love but I am going to start training twice a day now, even though you don’t like me training 4 times a week as it is!’’ remember what this form of training is for, SHOCK tactics! Therefore you certainly don’t want to make this a habit. Doing it once a month on one particular muscle group is more than adequate! Anymore could lead to a breakdown in the CNS, leading poor muscle contractions, poor recovery and catabolism!

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