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This week’s workout of the week is actually the workout I myself did last night. It was such an awesome workout that I felt it had to be shared. Last night I got to the gym and was seriously psyched up to train. On the way to the gym I had listened to Skrillex – Reptile, so was very much in the mood to smash it. I had a rough idea of what I was going to do but what ended up happening was far more of an insane session than I had imagined.

This workout hits the chest in just about every way possible. It is not for the lighthearted and a certain level of training is needed to perform the entire workout. The volume is extremely high and the weights lifted will be near maximum on quite a few sets so adequate rest and diet is vital over the following few days if you want your chest to recover properly.

So without further adieu here is my killer chest workout:

Seated machine chest press – Sets unknown:

A lot of advanced trainers will think that the chest press machine is for beginners that cant do bench press or something along those lines. Starting with the chest press machine would seem outrageous when there are some heavy dumbbells or a nice Olympic bar waiting to be pressed. I would normally agree with you, however it is not the machine that is the focus here, but the method of using it. We are going to use the chest press machine to warm up the chest and give it the first once over because it has a stack and is very useful to adjust weight. You also don’t have to worry about stabilizing muscles etc and just concentrate on pressing as hard as you can. The method of using this machine today is as follows. Start on a relatively light weight that you can do 20 reps with. You will perform 20 reps then increase the weight by 3 increments on the stack. Then do 12 reps with that weight. Keep increasing by 3 increments and performing 12 reps until you get to a weight were you cant make 12. Then keep increasing and just going to failure. When you get to a weight where you can only do 1-3 reps stop there, take a big rest and then do the mega set. You will perform the 1-3 reps, then get your training partner to help you with 5 negative reps, then drop 6 increments and do 10-12 short half reps, then drop another 6 increments and do 10-12 really slow reps with a 3 count on the way up and on the way down. This will burn like hell!!!

Medicine ball press ups – 5 x to failure

Unlike the video you will just be doing them with your hands on the balls. If you can do it with your feet on as well then by all means go for it. Make sure to get really nice and deep in between the 2 balls (lol) and control the movement. This exercise will work your core and stabilizing muscles and is far harder than a normal press up. If you want to advance it as you can do more than 20 press ups normally on the balls then do what I do and make them clap press ups. This adds to the difficulty by a huge factor so please be careful.

Incline barbell bench press – 4 x 6-8 reps

Thank god I hear you saying, a normal bodybuilding exercise. I agree, I do like getting to the bar after doing the med ball push ups. You know the drill by now with incline barbell press so I wont go into much detail.

Flat flyes – 4 x 10-12 reps

You will be doing these nice and slowly. This is your first proper chest isolation exercise so the reps will be a little bit higher. I want a really big stretch at the bottom and nice slow reps on the way up and down. Really squeeze the chest and you should feel a strong burn.

By now in the workout you will have performed about 20 - 25 sets (depending on the chest press at the start. We are going to finish on cable crossovers but we will do them using FST-7s.

Cable crossovers – FST -7

The cable crossovers will finish off the workout. We will be doing Hany Rambod’s FST-7 system. It is 7 sets of around 12 reps with a short rest in between sets. In the rest periods you will alternate between stretching the target muscle and contracting the target muscle. So after set 1 you will contract the pecs as hard as you can for 30-40 seconds before doing the second set. Then after the second set you will stretch the pecs for 30-40 seconds before doing the third set. Alternate this right up to the 7th set.

So that is the workout complete. I seriously recommend giving this one a go if you are in the mood for a serious workout.







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