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Most people, in my experience, who go to the gym, will at some point in their lives or training career decide to try and drop body fat. This can be either for aesthetic reasons or for performance reasons. Some people simply wish to achieve a low body fat to look good or how they feel comfortable looking. Whereas other athletes, like boxers for example, will need to drop body fat to hit a specific weight class. Alternatively it is beneficial for people like gymnasts to keep a low level of body fat to make their particular activity easier. For example it I far easier to hold yourself in the crucifix position on the rings if you are lighter. Body fat poses no purpose for athletes like this.

So if you are an athlete who needs to drop fat, or just a person who wants to look more ripped then there are certain things you need to utilize. Firstly of course you need to have a solid diet and training plan. This is without doubt the key to success. Without diet or training there is no way that you will be able to successfully drop body fat and retain muscle.


After you have sorted your diet and training plan there are other things that that can help with dropping body fat. Thermogenic fat burners are a fantastic way to increase your metabolism and help burn extra calories. If you can burn more calories with a fat burner you can increase the calorie deficit that you achieve daily and therefore drop more body fat.


I have undertaken a few different diets throughout my training life, mainly for aesthetic reasons, and have had pretty decent success with most of them. A large part of my success in dropping body fat I believe is down to the choice of fat burners I have used. I have tried and tested many thermogenic fat burning products and can conclusively decide on my personal top 3.


1. Anabolic Designs - Shredabull


Anabolic designs shredabull is one of my favourite fat burners. Not only did it help with fantastic amounts of energy, but it also a fantastic appetite suppressant. I struggle with cravings whilst dieting so the shredabull was a fantastic help as it totally killed my cravings. Another fantastic aspect of shredabull is that it has cortisol blockers and ingredients that boost growth hormone so will aid massively in holding onto muscle whilst dropping fat. Overall the results I have had with shredabull were exceptional and I would recommend it to anyone.


2. PhD - Lean Degree


PhD lean degree was the first fat burner that I used and I have always been impressed by the results I have got from it. It is a very nice simple fat burner that just uses the best quality proven ingredients. It is a great choice for your first fat burner as its not too intense with the energy buzz and isn’t too strong. It does however work well when combined with a good diet. I know many natural bodybuilders who use lean degree religiously whilst dieting for a competition and I have seen fantastic results from this product.


3. Weight management systems – T6


The T6 is without doubt the strongest fat burner I have ever used. The energy I got from this fat burner is unlike anything I have ever had before. I have tried nearly every pre-workout drink and energy supplement there is but nothing comes close to the T6 fat burners. I remember sitting at work and doing about 4 hours worth of work in 10minutes. It’s a phenomenal fat burner and when you are on a calorie deficit diet and you are lacking the energy to train the T6 can be a life saver. Obviously to drop body fat you will need to train hard to burn the calories, however if you are on a diet and lacking energy then you cant train as hard as you need to so the T6 will help you massively.


So there you have my top 3 fat burners. If you are looking to drop some body fat then I recommend any of these 3. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.



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    Hi, what are your thoughts on taking a pre work out supplement such as tested nutrition and then taking a T6 after a workout?

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