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In my opinion, music is one of the biggest motivating factors in my training. When I am listening to music in the gym I feel so much more psyched up, full of energy and focused on performing to the best of my ability than if the gym were silent. A song can make you want to move, it can fill you with emotion, it can help you focus on those thoughts that get you psyched up more than anything else. A song with a good beat can give you the rhythm to train to so that you forget about how hard you are working. You just follow the beat. You run with the music and forget the ache in your legs, the sweat running down your face or the massive weight you are about to lift.

My taste in music is very varied and I feel I listen to so much of a wide range of music that there is something for everyone.

I will therefore do a weekly feature to show you the top 5 songs in my playlist for that week. You will see them here. The types of music you will see are Dubstep, Drum n Bass, Rock, Heavy metal, Death metal and a range of other types of music.

So if you are looking for a new playlist to get you psyched up to train, here is what im listening to this week:

We got a Deadmau5 special this week

Ghosts n Stuff

I Remember

Raise your weapon

Sofi needs a ladder

Change ft Skrillex


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