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As I have written an article about my very first gym experience, I thought it may be helpful to follow this up with an article on the first supplements I tried in each genre.


Some of the supplements I used were fantastic. Some, on the other hand, were a massive waste of money. My story is very much one of trial and error.


If you are one of the lucky few who read my last article in regards to my first experiences, then you will know that I started training at around the age of 14. It was not too long after that that I started experimenting with protein shakes and other supplements. I will tell you the first supplements I tried in each category.


So the story begins. I remember the very first protein shake I ever had. I think I was about 12 years old. My granddad was drinking a strawberry protein shake. I don’t remember the name of it but really wanted to try it to copy my granddad. I remember I really liked the taste of it. My mum then asked if my granddad was giving me steroids. My granddad laughed and I asked what steroids were. He said I should never take them as they are drugs that make bodybuilders really big and muscular. That immediately made me want to take them.


I didn’t have another protein shake until about a year into my training. I slowly learnt that diet and protein intake were very important so needed to start taking protein shakes. For some reason though every single protein shake I tried, I HATED. I tried different shakes, different flavours, mass gainers, pure whey proteins and everything in between but I hated all of them. I don’t know why but I just couldn’t stomach the taste. Then one day I was in the gym and was going boxing about an hour after my workout. I didn’t have time to eat so I thought I would take my chances with a protein shake. The shake that I went for was a single serving shake that the gym would make up in their blender. It was a Met-RX meal replacement chocolate.


To my astonishment I absolutely loved it. It tasted great, was a great consistency and had a solid nutritional breakdown. After finishing 2 pints of protein shake I told my granddad and a few days later I had a box of 60 sachets. This was the start of my protein shake journey. After that I tried many shakes. I had Optimum Nutrition whey, Reflex Instant Whey, PhD Pharma whey as my staples for a long time before finally settling on Gaspari Myofusion as the shake I have used religiously for the past year or so. I have had in between nearly every shake available but these are the ones that I stuck with on a more constant basis.


I didn’t take any other supplements other than protein shakes and protein bars until I was about 16 when my friend (and current adviser and manager at monster supplements) Chris gave me some BSN NO-Xplode. I didn’t really know what a pre-workout drink did or how it worked but Chris was my older cousin and he was far bigger than me so I took his word for it that it was awesome and gave it a try. I still remember to this day the training session that I had after that drink. It was the most insane session I have ever had. I have never felt energy like it. I would finish a set and stand there clicking my fingers until it was my turn again. Since then I have tried and tested near enough every pre-workout drink on the market and will be the first to admit a slight addiction. Even though I have used better products than NO-Xplode (like USP labs jack3d, BPI 1MR, Physical Edge Rampage, Gaspari Superpump Max etc) I will never forget the first time I tried a pre-workout and the session that closely ensued.


The first fat burner I took was PhD Lean Degree. I was still young at this time and wanted to drop some fat. Weirdly I actually was a bit wiser about this and knew that a fat burner was not a miracle cure and I had to diet as well. I really liked the lean degree and have used it since a few times.


The first test booster was a funnier story. I was 17 and my training had gone a bit stale. I wasn’t really making any gains for a couple of months and couldn’t figure out a way to break through the plateau. It was then that I came across… Met-RX Tribulus!! The most hardcore supplement I had ever seen. It had the word hardcore on the label and pictures of lightning. I thought ‘oh my god If I take this I’ll be massive”. I bought it, hid the bottle in my car incase anyone found out that I was taking such an insane product and told all my friends I was about to get massive. Of course nothing actually happened and I was rather sad at my lack of terrifying muscle mass. Since then I have used far more effective products like Anabolic Xtreme Mass FX, anabolic designs Tauro test and Bullk, PhD Methoxy 7 test and so on.


There have been plenty of other supplements I have tried over the years but they all kind of merge together now. After a long time of trying everything available to me I tend to now stick to the same things that have served me well. A good protein shake, a strong pre-workout drink, my post-workout recovery drink and a hundred and one protein bars per day.


So if you are just starting out with supplements try not to make the same mistakes I did. Call monster supplements to get some advice. Speak to your friends who have been around the block a bit. Go on and simply ask the questions. But whatever you do, don’t waste your money on something just because it has some lightning on the label.



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