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Each part of the Golden Oldies series we are going to uncover and remind our readers of some of the most popular tricks, rituals and habits bodybuilders have used for years. Today we are going to start with nutrition. Pay close attention, you may want to take some of these points away with you considering they have all stood the test of time!

Flick back through the old school muscle magazines and you will find oats have always been apart of the bodybuilder’s diet. Even today most top IFBB pro bodybuilders will have at least one good serving of oats a day! So what is so great about oats? They have one of the lowest glycemic indexes out of all the complex carbohydrates therefore they are an ideal slow release source of energy. They are particularly dense therefore they help keep you feeling full for longer, which is ideal for people who are dieting. Oats are also very rich in ‘free radical’ neutralising anti-oxidants which are great for overall health and recovery. To conclude, oats can also have a very positive impact on your cholesterol levels making them a great choice of food for overall health. From this short list you can see why oats have always been a staple in the bodybuilder’s diet for many decades!

Peanut butter
What the hell is with peanut butter? You hear 4 times Mr Olympia Jay Cutler go on about how he used to eat peanut butter and jam sandwiches for extra calories to grow, and in every health and muscle magazine it is in there somewhere. Peanut butter can serve an athlete in different ways, whether fat loss is the goal of muscle gains. Being a popular source of healthy fats, 1 teaspoon of peanut butter contains nearly 100 calories! Now you can see why anybody wanting to get extra calories into their diet to grow would favour this. In contrast, the healthy fats in peanut butter actually take a very long time to digest and they also slow down the rate at which other calories are digesting from other foods. This makes it the perfect choice when your cravings start kicking around your stomach when dieting! In a sentence, I guess this is why peanut butter has always been so popular with bodybuilders for many years!

Egg whites
Ask anybody who doesn’t follow bodybuilding and ask which food bodybuilders eat loads of and they will inevitably say, ‘’eggs or those egg white things!’’ Probably in those exact words as well. Eggs have the highest bioavailability score out of all the protein sources which makes it a very high quality protein food. Each whole egg can contain anywhere between 6-9g of protein and each egg white has 3g of protein. This is why you hear about the legendary 10-15 egg white pancakes for breakfast! Another reason why eggs have always featured in bodybuilder’s diets is because they are very cheap and can be a very convenient source of food when you boil them for example!

There are 3 golden oldies in regards to food and bodybuilding. Sure this was a bit of fun but there is also an educational side to the coin which is key! Later in the week FitMag will cover the same topic as we head into the gym!

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