6 Pack Bags - The New Must Have Bodybuilder's Accessory!

Convenience is a very highly valued service today, so when we saw these new 6 pack bags for athletes were had to give them ago! Missing meals is no longer excusable with 6 pack bags as FitMag writer, Stephen Hall explains below!

6 Pack Bags come in two sizes, one that fits 5 meals or one that fits 3, in addition to your nuts, pills, cutlery, protein powders, fruit and whatever else you would like to hold, there is plenty of room. Like many of you I am out of the house most of the day, whether this is due to work or simply out with the family, this makes sticking to my diet difficult. As we all know without a solid and consistent eating plan getting anywhere in the gym is impossible, the 6 pack meal bags are the perfect solution.

They come in 4 stylish colours black, silver, silver and red or silver and pink, I went for silver. I also opted for the larger 5 meal version, as I thought for days I am out the entire day it can literally hold my entire diet, so can act as my own personal mini fridge. The bag has a front section that can hold 5 large Tupperware boxes (these are fully water tight) or the draws themselves can be moved to allow for even larger boxes and there is no reason why other items may not be stored in there too. This makes the bag very versatile. There are then two side pockets; these are both large enough to fit a protein shaker, water bottle, cutlery and fruit inside. On the top of the bag is another section that contains a well laid out separator, allowing your pills, nuts and protein bars to be neatly organised. Remember guys the items I list are not what the bag is limited to, think you could put your mobile phone in there, your keys etc. Lastly, there are a few additional side pockets that could hold a gym card, mp3 player or the likes of.

The inside is completely covered in a cooler liner and there are two freezer packs provided, keeping your meals fresh for the day. It comes with a handle and a removable padded strap so you can hold it by your side when you have it over your shoulder. At first looks it seems durable and tough, certainly an investment for future for years to come. So when you consider how much each month you spend on supplements and gym memberships and then consider how vital your diet is to complement these the cost of a 6 pack bag seems much more reasonable, a bag of protein will last a month or two, a 6 pack bag will last a lifetime so get yours today!


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