4 Common Training Questions For Beginners!

Sometimes we can get lost amongst all the fancy workout systems and lose sight of the basic fundamentals. The principles which have carried the sport and lifestyle we love for so many years. Recently I was inspired to answer some questions which I am frequently asked by beginners in regards to training. Questions which may sound obvious to so many yet which are not to complete novices, and remember we were all one once upon a time! With that said here are 4common questions I always hear in regards to training!

Why should I only train each body part once a week?

Whilst you may read about some professional bodybuilders hitting certain muscle groups twice a week for beginners it is always advisable to train everything once every 7 days. What this does is allow for adequate recovery of the muscle. When you lift weight with a muscle the fibres are broken down and it can take days for the recovery process to finish. Allowing your muscles to recover properly is essential because this enables you to develop new muscle tissue. If you fail to recover properly then you will almost certainly end up with little to no progress. With that said, it really does pay to hit each muscle group very hard once a week!

Why shouldn’t I train for longer than an hour?

Ideally you want to train for anywhere between 45-60 minutes. There are several good reasons as to why going far beyond an hour can be very counterproductive. Before you train your muscles should be in an anabolic state and your muscle glycogen levels should be full. As you train they become depleted which means that you run the risk of becoming catabolic. Many beginners think that they stimulate muscle growth IN the gym, where in truth you grow OUT of the gym.

If you are training as intensely as you should be there is no way you should be able to go more than 60 minutes because your muscles should be completely fatigued. There you go, no more than an hour guys!

How can I bench more?

I am not even going to answer this question directly. Instead I am going to answer it with some advice! If building muscle tissue for aesthetic reasons is your main goal then don’t get caught up with how much you can bench. In fact, bench pressing is an inferior chest building exercise; it focuses more on triceps development! Dumbbells are far superior! Focus on good solid form with a slow negative on each repetition for 8-12 repetitions with dumbbells. Using an incline bench will be the best way to stimulate growth in the pecs!

How can I get big chest and arms?

This initially frustrates me because it shows people do not appreciate the importance of training every muscle group to create balance within the body. Then I think maybe they just don’t think about stuff like this. The truth is nobody who has an impressive physique just trains arms and chest! You need to train each body part otherwise your body will look terribly unbalanced which looks ridiculous. How many ‘’big’’ guys have you seen with big upper chests and arms, yet they have no legs or back. Looks terrible right! So first rule is to hit each body part. This will actually aid overall growth because your anabolic hormone levels will be maximised, especially with leg training!

Secondly, from a health point of view if you were to just train chest and not back you may well face some sever back issues later on in life. Each and every muscle group in the body has an opposite! It is vital that you train each opposite so one cannot severely overpower the other. As I said, in the case of your chest and back you could have posture issues if you are not careful!

There are 4 of the most common questions I hear in regards to training, checkout FitMag where I talk about the most common questions in regards to nutrition!

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