4 Anabolic Supplements!

More than ever supplements have become a very important part of any athlete’s daily routine. Every day you should be using a stack of supplements to really drive your progress through barriers. Getting your food in is absolutely key and training to and sometimes beyond the limit is also vital but after that your next stop is supplements! Today we wanted to outline the 3 most anabolic supplements which we believe you need in your day to day life if gaining muscle is a top priority!


Are you bored of hearing this phrase, BCAAs? Whether you are or not, you really should take on board the importance of this wonder supplement! Keeping things simple, your body is able to produce 12 amino acids in adequate quantities, but it requires a further 8 to repair and build new muscle tissue. In other words, you could say the body requires these 8 essential amino acids to sustain an anabolic environment! BCAAs provide the exact ingredients to achieve this, for me BCAAs are an absolute must supplement. Stop looking for the next ‘’magic’’ supplement and get your BCAAs in the MonsterSupplements.com shopping basket! You need to be taking 6g of BCAAs when you wake up, before your workout, right after and before bed is essential in my opinion!


To be anabolic you must be anti-catabolic, this is a very simple concept to understand. Out of any supplement one could argue that L-glutamine is the king of anti-catabolic supplements. It is an amino acid which can stimulate protein synthesis in the muscle which in turn can increase your overall rate of recovery and growth! Supplementing 5g of L-glutamine as soon as you wake up, before the gym, right after the gym and before bed is advisable!

Amino Acids

Leading on from the first supplement I am a big believer in supplementing with non-essential amino acids and here is why. Sure, your body is able to manufacture them however for an athlete who is continuously training hard I do believe the natural supply will potentially struggle to satisfy the needs of your muscles! This is why I am a big believer in supplementing with amino acids because it will only support your overall rate of anabolism! Aim to take several 5g servings along with your BCAAs and L-glutamine throughout the day.


Essential fatty acids may not have been what you were expecting, but when you consider the positive effect they can have on your anabolic hormones it makes perfect sense! Many studies have proven that healthy fats can elevate natural testosterone levels which of course can help improve overall anabolism, leading to enhanced protein assimilation.

There are 4 supplements which I feel are all essential in maximising your anabolic activity within the body! Make no excuses, get these in your supplement stack today and feel the anabolic effect!

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  • Daniel Wallace
    February 29, 2012 Daniel Wallace

    Hi Adam.

    Is there a product on the market that contains all or some of the mentioned supplements in one powder/pill form? If not, is this due to having to take the supplements at different times?

    Which products can you also recommend?

    Thanks Adam.

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