Where to start - Part 2

If you have read my getting started part 1 article you will know that I feel getting started with training is the hardest obstacle to overcome. There are many aspects you will need to consider before ever stepping foot in a gym. In part 1 I have gone over some of the key starting points you will need to go over before you start on your journey to a better you.


You will have covered your initial goal setting and gaining the motivation to start in the first place. You will have joined the gym. You will have planned your full training plan to get started (with consulting a gym instructor or PT if needed).


Now that you have done that you will need to plan your diet, supplement plan and add the final touches to your plan.


Planning a diet:


This is without doubt the most advanced and complicated aspect to starting your training. In my opinion the balance between achieving your goals and failing relies solely on your ability to stick to a solid diet plan. Finding the plan that is right for you can often be very difficult. There are so many diets to choose from you will easily get confused as to figuring out which one is best for you. Firstly I recommend looking on www.fitforum.co.uk. There are loads of great articles on there for diets to help you achieve your goals. Alternatively if you ask for advice on the forum you will receive it and someone will help you to plan the diet you need. I would start by simply sticking to these basic rules:


To lose fat you will need to intake less calories than you burn off.

To gain muscle you will need to intake slightly more calories than you burn off.

When gaining muscle only intake about 200-500 more cals per day than you need.

Make sure all calories come from good sources (no simple sugars and no bad fats).

Eat plenty of protein.

Write down your diet and follow it to the letter (if it isn’t written down you don’t eat it)


If you start by following those rules you will have a basic diet plan to follow. You can tweak it and shape it into a diet that works really well for you by trying and testing different foods and nutrient breakdowns to see what works for you. Whether this be low carb, low fat, keto or any other type of diet.


Next is supplements. The supplement industry is a big and often confusing place with strange products and ingredients you will most certainly have never heard of before. When starting out with training there are only a few select products you will need. The most basic are your nutritional supplements. These are products that help you fulfill the nutritional requirements set by your diet. If say for example your diet dictates that you need 250g protein per day but you can only eat 200g, you may take a protein shake to get the remaining 50g protein.


My nutritional supplement recommendations are:


Protein –

PhD Pharma whey

Reflex instant whey

Gaspari myofusion


Carbs –

PhD Waxy Vol


Fats –

MST CLomega

Udos Oil


These products can be used as part of your diet plan and are all natural healthy products with many health benefits.


The other items you can add into your supplement plan in my opinion would be:


Multivitamin – with the added stress of training your body’s immune system may not be working to full capacity and your body will be using nutrients and vitamins at a greater rate. Supplementing a multivitamin will be very beneficial to your health. I recommend:



Reflex Nexgen

PhD Catalyst


Pre-workout drink – Some may say that im wrong in recommending this to a beginner but in my opinion a pre-workout drink is very beneficial. A pre-workout energy drink will help give you that motivation and energy to train. If you take a pre-workout drink all you can think about is going to the gym and using up some of the energy that is building up inside you. A beginner can talk themselves out of a training session quite easily, but I guarantee if you have a pre-workout drink you will struggle to NOT go to the gym.


My recommendations would be:


PhD V-max pump

Gaspari Super pump max

MST Ragnorok ultra


So now you are nearly ready to get hitting the gym. The final considerations are these:


Find a training partner – Training with a friend is great motivation. If you don’t train then you are letting them down. Having someone relying on you makes it very hard to not go to the gym. You can also rely on them and they can give you the support you need. Alternatively finding an advanced trainer to train with can help you with areas of training you may be unfamiliar with and provide you will great knowledge and advice.


Finally brush up on your knowledge. Knowledge is power in this game and the more you know the faster you will achieve your goals. Use resources like Fitmag or Fitforum (www.fitforum.co.uk) to your advantage. Read the articles and learn all that you can. It will pay off in the long run.


So if you are starting the gym and want to achieve the goals you had always set for yourself I wish you all the best of luck. Don’t give up, stick to these basic ideas and watch yourself change before your eyes.



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