Timed Carb diets

The timed carb diet is another option to anyone wanting to drop body fat. Like the ketosis diet, it is for the most part, low carb. The difference with the timed carb diet however is that you are allowed carbohydrates post-workout. There are a number of reasons for this and a number of reasons that I believe this diet to be the superior one for dropping body fat and maintaining muscle mass.


Firstly I will discuss how to go about actually doing a timed cab diet. The basics of it are as follows:


  • Eat as few carbs as possible except post workout
  • Post-workout you can have 60-100g fast acting carbs
  • After this you can have a meal of 40/30/30 (protein, carbs, fats)
  • Once that meal is over there are no more carbs until the next workout.
  • Don’t eat carbs on non-training days
  • 1 day per week you can have a carb up day.
  • Do not eat more than 2000 calories over maintenance on the carb up day.


Some other important things to remember are these. As you are reducing carbohydrates, your body needs a preferred energy source. This means that you must increase your fat intake to avoid your body converting protein into glucose. Fats should make up about 50% of your calorie intake. You must also make sure that you are achieving a calorie deficit or else you will not lose fat.


So why is the timed carb diet superior to other types of diets? Well lets take a look at the problems with other diets.


The standard low fat, low calorie diet is the most common diet to find people choosing. Its obvious and its basic. Just reduce calories and you will lose weight. This is true! However you will also lose muscle! When consuming carbs, your body produces insulin. Insulin will block the enzymes needed to break down bodyfat for energy. When the carbohydrate stores are used up your body will convert protein into glucose. This protein comes from the protein you ingest or worse yet the protein that makes up your muscles. This is obviously not what bodybuilders or anyone wanting to lose fat wants. The other option is a keto diet or low carb diet. This is another good option but the main problem is that it leaves you feeling tired, grumpy and certainly not able to train anywhere near as hard as you could if you had some carbs in your diet. You also go mad trying to achieve ketosis, then if you have one slight slip up and eat even 1 banana you are out of ketosis and your hard work is undone.


With the timed carb diet none of these issues occur. Your body uses fat as a preferred energy source so that protein is spared, you don’t suffer with lack of energy, you don’t need to worry about coming out of ketosis and you wont go too insane for carb cravings.


So lets look at an example timed carb diet where you would be training in the evening:


8:00am – 4 omega 3 eggs + 4 egg whites

10:00am – 150g salmon + green salad with olive oil dressing

12:00pm – 50g whey isolate + 1 Tblspoon peanut butter

2:30pm – 150g chicken + handful of almonds

4:15pm – 50g whey isolate

5:00pm – train

6:00pm – 50g whey isolate +60g maltodextrin

7:00pm – 8oz steak + 200g sweet potato

9:00pm – 4 omega 3 eggs + 4 egg whites


This would be a good starting point for a 200lb male who is doing regular exercise. The calories will need to be dropped evenly over the course of the diet in a progressive manner.


The whey isolates I would recommend would be:


Reflex micro whey

Optimum nutrition platinum hydro whey


You could also supplement with the following supplements to aid you in getting enough fat in your diet:


Udos oil

Reflex Omega 3

MST CLomega

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