The Diamond Factor - 3 Ways To Build Killer Triceps!

Triceps make up 66% of the arm, they look grossly impressive when they are developed properly and what’s more they really help with ego boosting on the bench press. Over all, they are a much loved muscle group when you consider all of their benefits. However, most people don’t enjoy proper triceps development, and although a degree is genetic a lot of it comes down to the training. Doing regular triceps exercise will hit two of the heads, but the long head (the one which runs down to your elbow and makes your arm look like a diamond) is often neglected. With that said, I was compelled to share with you some top tips to make your long head stand out!

The long head is responsible for the majority of your strength when you bench press, just look at anyone who lifts crazy weights on the bench and I bet their long heads are ridiculous! As mentioned before, it is also the portion of the triceps which really sets good arms and GREAT arms apart. The party piece of arm development if you like. You want one? Try this workout then!

Close grip bench press

Before I blurt out anymore advice, please be sure to wear a GOOD set of wrist straps. Whilst you should take great care not to grip too closely, there is always an element on stress on the wrists from this exercise so straps are essential.

OK, after warming up properly perform 3 sets with a repetition range of 6-8 and do a couple of forced repetitions with a training partner. Once you can’t do anymore, do some forced reps. This is going to really activate the long head and force it to perform! Remember to lockout at the top of each repetition to engage the triceps, and to lower the bar so it is nearly by your chest!

In fact, many top trainers will claim that bench pressing on a bar is more effective for triceps development than chest!

Overhead EZ bar press

Doing overhead triceps exercises is the key to engaging the long head. When you do this exercise, you will naturally want to turn your elbows out because your body always seeks the easiest route. Have a training partner hold your elbows in tight whilst you do this. The difference in stimulation you experience, especially in the long head is crazy! Do 3 sets with a repetition range of 8-12, again using forced reps and negatives.

Close grip press downs

Grab a straight bar, place it on the cable machine and grip the bar so your hands are almost touching. Stand as if you’re about to passionately kiss the cable (but don’t, obviously because you will get kicked out of the gym!), so it is touching your nose. Now press down, extend your triceps as much as possible whilst keep your elbows glued to your side, pushed back slightly. This will feel as though you’re having a massage on the inside of your arm by a heavy handed grizzly bear!!! However, it is an extremely effective way to bring that diamond look out in your arms! Do this for 3 sets, again with a rep range of 6-8 using forced reps and negatives!

Do this workout every 3 weeks for your triceps, the reason being it is too intense to do every week. This will soon have your arms, more specifically your triceps looking swollen!

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