The Christmas Holidays - 4 Easy Steps To Maintaining Muscle Mass!

Producing an article preaching to you the importance of not over indulging and avoiding certain junk foods at this time of the year would probably be as effective as a blind guide dog! In other words, rather pointless and irrelevant to most of our readers! Instead, I wanted to share some top tips on maintaining your hard earned muscle mass over the festive period. Note I said ‘muscle mass’ and not ‘condition’ because lets be honest, how many of you are going to watch the waistline for these few cheerful days? Not many is the truth, but there is no excuse to throw your muscle down the drain! Whether you snack on junk is up to you, but stick to these fundamental rules and the next 10-14 days off won’t turn into the catabolic festival which it normally is for most!


Breakfast is key to promoting anabolism and avoiding catabolism, don’t skip it during the holidays!

When my adorable 4 year old nephew wakes me up a stupid o’clock on the 25th to see if Santa has come, and for those who care I think he will this year, I will still get my breakfast down straight away! All I do during times like this where there is a rush, I have something fast and easy and here it is for you to follow!

-          Boil the kettle

-          Throw some oats into a bowl and protein powder

-          Add hot water and stir

There you go, a breakfast which takes no longer than a cup of coffee to make for Christmas morning, and the other mornings during the festive period. Note this also makes for a great meal/snack anytime of the day if cooking the usual rice and chicken is off the menu!

Meal Frequency

Of course, some meals may consist of 6 pieces of bacon, 2 sausages and fried onions. That is OK, but what you must remember is that meal frequency is key to fighting catabolism! Every 3 hours you need to feed your muscles with protein and carbohydrates, keeping the protein source as clean as possible! This is such a simple tip but it never fails to deliver! Even if it means munching on a PhD Growth Factor 50 bar for one meal, scoffing a Sport Kitchen QSM for another and having a protein shake as another meal! You can get all of these products at the best price delivered before Christmas off!


For me coffee is something I indulge in way too much, come Christmas time the matter gets worse! This can become problematic because coffee dehydrates you, and secondly it doesn’t make you feel like drinking water as well as drinking a hot drink! As an ‘’emergency’’ level I would insist you drink at least 2 litres of clear water every day. Come on, that is 50% of what you should normally drinking but it is still enough to help keep the muscle cell hydrated which will enable the effective transportation of nutrients!


Through the holidays I will as will every other serious athlete take certain essential supplements required to combat catabolism and keep me anabolic! I am talking L-Glutamine, BCAAs, Multi-Vitamins and essential fatty acids. Basically, these supplements all help in different ways to ensure your muscles are able to sustain a positive nitrogen balance! To grab these supplements before Christmas head over to!

There you go guys; I haven’t been a Scrooge and told you not to eat lots of junk. Instead what I have said is make sure you eat good food as well as the other junk every 3 hours to feed the muscles! If you are serious about making headway with your physique in 2012, you will follow these points!




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