Mr GymCredible Series Pt 4

MrOrdinary to MrGymcredible

A bloke’s guide to fitness


Welcome on a journey

Each issue we will be following a month of my year where I went from ordinary to gymcredible using only will power and a small budget.

Part 4) June- July 2011

The Workout

Let's face it if all this took was not eating junk I would smash the life out of this challenge. By now, like quitting cigarettes my cravings had started slowing down.

But I needed to put some muscle on so I didn’t become a skinny guy, so I designed a workout routine BUT it was a normal guy’s routine.

Training logs

The trouble with being a normal guy and entering such a macho subject was two fold, people lifting a lot more weight then me and keeping DIARYS.

Now the last time I looked I wasn't a 13 year old girl (although my bench press would match one) I didn't want to come to a gym and bring a book so I had to radically alter this technique or I knew I would fail.

For a normal guy the gym is not a playground it's detention, it's not a pleasure it's a chore so I had to limit things that made it even more depressing.

Mirror muscle

I liked working my arms and chest mainly because I noticed these areas the most and so did others!!

So I did exactly what my brain seemed to enjoy and started curling dumbbells then dropping into an incline bench and pressing. Pretty soon I'd moved from rack one (maximum 12kg) to the second rack housing the bigger weights, I'd also started wearing VESTS!!!

Let me tell you something - life is disciplined enough, you can't walk on the grass, you can't drink in the street you can't steal that car you can't rob that bank.

So take something a normal bloke finds constrictive and tighten the noose. Here is my workout I have followed from day one. Many people will argue with this but I am not the editor of Men's Health I am a normal bloke, I'm not saying do it my way I'm saying do it YOUR way.

Workout routine

Brace yourself we are about to fly in the face of every piece of advice ever given:

Work what you want when you want so long as it's TWO body parts, move around the gym like a pinball hitting one machine BING hitting a bench BING free weights BING legs (erm whoops)

The point is I looked at myself daily and like Arnold famously quoted in pumping iron you MOULD yourself. My arms look good my back looks weak so with that mentality I navigated towards certain machines to combat this, but still kept to my safety net knowing my motivation was being fuelled.

As a side note, remember to allow muscles to recover properly. Usually, you only need to hit each muscle group once a week!

And it all leads me on to my next important subject.

Show and display

Look at yourself, I can't pass a mirror or enter a toilet if no ones around (normally luckily your alone in a toilet) without popping my top up and posing down!!

Screw what people think I amassed a photo album of well over 300 pictures, this is important because every time I noticed something different and even if the parts didn't change radically every day I still enjoyed the consistency.

Another thing, if you bought a Ferrari would you keep it in the garage. So why spend so long polishing and doing up your body to keep it under a shirt.

After I gained 2nd in my body challenge I was in the greatest shape of my life. I was in River Island buying a t-shirt and it was the wrong size.

Do I put my old clothes back on and change it??

NOPE I strutted out the changing rooms like a God damn peacock with my feathers stretched and displayed for the adorning public.

So in summery I'm not saying you become a nudist I'm saying you do what you want to do, you tailor this journey to yourself, you do what it takes to make you happy because lets face it the journey is a marathon NOT a sprint and it's a hell of a rocky road

Which leads me on nicely to the next instalment the - ups and DOWNS

See you next time. Much love and double thumbs up MrG x

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