Motivational Story of the Year!

Motivation plays a very large part in everyday life, like it or not. This is especially the case in regards to training and healthy eating, because without motivation you will really struggle to get anywhere!

In FitMag's first year of existence we heard about many very inspiring and motivating stories. There were people who have come through nasty injuries to eventaully achieve the best physical and mental condition of their life! There were others who had continued through their journey even when life had tried to knock them down.

However there is one man who really set himself apart by setting out to do something, and then doing it! His goal was no easy ride though, as he committed himself to NO junk for 12 months all in the name of charity and improving his health! More than that, his diet mainly consisted of fish and broccoli. From personal experience I can relate to the determination this requires, it really is an exceptional effort! Of course, we are talking about Mr GymCredible!

Thank you to Mr GymCredible for motivating us with his amazing efforts, good on you! Here is to an even healthier and more productive 2012!

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