Following a Healthy Lifestyle - 3 Key benefits!

Just over 13 weeks ago my girlfriend suffered a dislocated knee, it was truly one of the most distressing and upsetting things I ever saw. As she rested for weeks after, she couldn’t any form of exercise and she lost her appetite. As a result she was more prone to eating more at once, then not eating for a while. Whilst she is lucky and doesn’t put weight on easily, she felt low and wanted to make a change. This really confirmed to me the power of a healthy lifestyle and the difference it can make to everybody if they allow it to. Now she will hit the gym a couple of times a week, not skip meals and eat healthily every day! The difference it has made in less than 2 week is almost unbelievable, so I wanted to highlight 3 reasons why I believe following a healthy lifestyle can benefit everybody!


When you’re laid up and you can’t do much your self-confidence can really take a hit! All of a sudden you feel lethargic, bloated and it is surprising how fast you can begin to feel down about yourself. Whether it is an injury or just a busy lifestyle, I really do believe being active and eating healthily will pick you up. Activity could mean walking twice a day, doing a couple of circuits a week on the Wii in your front room or doing KettleBell circuits in the garden. Eating healthy simply means eating breakfast, eating at least 5 small meals through the day and making sure the food sources are quality. This means lean protein sources, low GI wholemeal complex carbohydrates and healthy fats from oily fish, oils, nuts and even meat. After following this kind of lifestyle, it doesn’t take long before you feel that much better about yourself. That tire you thought was hugging your waistline begins to deflate, your aerobic capacity improves and you look leaner. It really is a case of enhanced overall well-being equating to overall self-confidence!


If you’re the type of person who has a very busy lifestyle then it is very easy to feel tired and constantly burned out. It doesn’t have to be like this. Yes, working hard for long hours, looking after your family and other commitments can be challenging but so many people make it harder of themselves. They do this by failing to feed their body the nutrients it truly needs. From today, switch your carbohydrates sources to wholegrain versions such as brown rice, brown pasta, and brown bread and endeavour to eat a balanced meal every 3-4 hours as a minimum! Eat plenty of greens with each meal; enjoy some fresh fruit with your breakfast and some pro-biotic yogurt and all of a sudden your body will feel like a well-oiled machine! After all, you are what you eat!


When you eat healthy, exercise regularly and use natural supplements to further aid overall health you feel like you have a real purpose. Maybe work is particularly stressful but whilst you’re feeling healthy you continue to feel good. There are always goals to strive for, there are always things to achieve and this is another very good reason as to why following a healthy lifestyle is essential!

In an ideal world everybody would recognise the benefits of following a balanced healthy lifestyle and reap the rewards! However, many fail to but the ones who do will certainly see the difference very quickly! With that said, I urge you to make the leap of faith today, I promise you will be glad you did!

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