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OK, with the New Year upon us it makes perfect sense to write down your goals and more importantly take action! For every juicy excuse you can manufacture in your mind we can throw a peachy solution right back at you! Instead of going down the tit for tat route, we wanted to deliver a solid source of motivation for you guys to ponder with. No cheesy one liners, no painfully boring pep talks and certainly no empty promises. Instead we rounded up some of the most respected individuals from around the world within our industry and asked for their words of wisdom! Enjoy!

Neil Hill - Founder of Y3T Training, Official Gaspari Nutritionist and World Leading Nutritionist & Trainer

For anybody who chooses to make a positive change with their diet, supplementation plan and training programme in 2012 they can expect to enjoy better overall health long term. Their self-confidence and energy levels on a daily basis should also improve as they feel better and better about themselves.

Ronnie Coleman - IFBB Pro Bodybuilder 8 Times Mr. Olympia and Owner of Ronnie Coleman Signature Series Supplement Line

Choosing a healthier lifestyle can certainly help prolong life which is really important for everyone to do. Being healthier also promotes a better sex life! Make 2012 your year!

Nick Mitchell - Celebrity Personal Trainer and Owner of Ultimate Performance

View your body like a plant - if you fail to feed it properly with the correct nutrients you will look and feel like shit!

Zack 'King' Khan - IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Nutrex Research Athlete and Owner of ZKK Clothing

The main reason everyone should choose to follow a healthy lifestyle is to help sustain your youth, keep your body looking firm and to feel great about yourself! Having a healthy body and mind will certainly help reduce the chances of things like heart disese, cancer and arthritis in the future!

Mark Bowering - CEO of MonsterSupplements.Com and Former Mr Universe

Make 2012 your year! Set your long term physical future goals right now! Make them specific, break them down into small bite size chunks and measure them frequently! If you do not have goals you will lack the motivation required. Great physiques are built by goal setting and motivation. Good luck and all the best for 2012!

Carly Thornton - USN & Udo's Choice Athlete and Personal Trainer!

2012 is your time to change, its time to make a difference,its time to build a healthier happier you, you can do this!! Changing to a healthier lifestyle will not only make you feel amazing from the outside but your body will thank you for it!! You will have more energy, look leaner, your skin will become more radiant, your positive moods will out weigh any negatives, you will stay looking younger, you will be less prone to illness... Make the change today, let your personality shine from within, a happy body is a healither happier mind and person!

Adam Campbell - Editor of FitMag and Personal Trainer

2012 is a big year for fitness and physical human achievement! With the Olympics coming to London it is a great opportunity to take inspiration from the world's most elite athletes and start your journey to a healthier and fitter you!

Adam Gethin - Digital Editor of FitMag and Transformation Coach

Making healthier choices with your eating, using supplements to benefit your health and training frequently is totally neccessary for long term health, let alone achieving your ideal physique. There are hundreds of thousands of people each year who suffer with life threatening illnesses due to poor eating and excess alcohol. With so many people craving to make these changes, it always puzzles me why so many fail. It all comes down to motivation and knowledge. With the latter taken care of via FitMag, ask yourself ''why'' and find that motivating factor deep within yourself. More than that, take action after writing your goals down and hold yourself accountable every day of the journey! Making a promise is a serious matter, but I give you my word IF you make the commitment to change at all costs you will enjoy the fruits of success! There is no more I can say, the rest is up to you!


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