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Within the bodybuilding industry it is safe to say the Y3T take over has truly begun, Flex Lewis is within inches of taking over the 212 weight class, Brandon Curry is sure to be an Olympia competitor in the not too distant future and now Kenny Jackson looks to be following suit! With Y3T being the talk of the town, FitMag wanted to catch up with the newest pro among the Y3T ranks, Kenny Jackson. Kenny is a major success story in the world of professional bodybuilding and many people feel his genetics and overall structure are truly God given. After you view some of his shots I am sure you will agree, this guy has a very bright future as an IFBB pro after earning his pro card earlier this year. Let’s get to it!

Kenny, thank you for joining us today! We really appreciate having you on our site to share with us your knowledge, experience and wisdom.

No problem at all, Adam.

To get things rolling, can you tell us what first got you into weight training?

Sure. Back in college I was training to be a football player so we hit the weight room frequently. I was always fairly strong and I always worked really hard. I wasn’t the most skilled football player, but I would harder than anybody else with my sprinting, lifting and conditioning training to make up for it. Even back then I loved to train and I do to this day.

From there I tried to make it as a pro football player and a few professional clubs were looking to sign me but they wanted me to wait around, and I had my degree so I became a trainer and pursued that as a career. Everything changed when somebody asked me was I a bodybuilder, and when I said I wasn’t and didn’t compete they said I should because it would be a waste of talent not to. They said my genetics were great and that got me thinking maybe I should give it a go.

Awesome – so what was your style of training back then?

When I was training for football I would normally use a rep range of around 12 with 4 sets per exercise. Each week I would do pretty much the same exercises, sticking to basic movements. Then I met Darian Bond, a pro bodybuilder from Michigan who showed me how to train properly. At the time I thought I trained intense, but he showed me a whole other level! Every week we had to do legs first and he used to really push me hard!

What were the most common mistakes you made in the gym as a beginner?

There was a lack of intensity, I didn’t really focus an awful lot and I relied upon my genetics too much. You cannot afford to do that when there are guys with great genetics who are training super intense as well!

Today you use Y3T, Neil Hill’s training system. What can you tell us about Y3T?

Man, since I began using Y3T training 3 years ago I have just transformed! The beauty of Y3T compared to any other workout system is that it always changes so your body never get’s used to the work. The intensity, rep range, weight used and style of training changes on a weekly basis over 3 weeks. In my opinion as a pro bodybuilder, this is the best training system in the world. Neil really is the man! Touch wood, I haven’t experienced any injuries in the 3 years I have used Y3T and that is because Neil focuses on muscle contraction opposed to constantly using heavy weights. By cycling your training, using high repetitions you use less weight which allows your joints and connective tissue to recover. Y3T really has been a God send to me as well as many other professional athletes.

IFBB Pro Trainer and Nutritionist Neil Hill, the man who formulated Y3T. Flex Lewis, Zack 'King' Khan, Brandon Curry, Hidetada Yamagishi and now Kenny Jackson are just a few examples of why Y3T really is the future!

I can also vouch for the benefits of Y3T, the only way to train in my opinion! So what would your top piece of advice be to beginners in regards to their training?

Never focus too much on lifting very heavy. Neil taught me to lift the weight with the target muscle instead of just moving the weight from A to B. For example, my shoulders tend to take over when I do triceps exercises and Neil taught me how to avoid that to really hit my triceps. So my main piece of advice would be to learn how to hit the target muscle and work it, don’t get too caught up with what weight you are using.

Great advice!! Ok, moving on to nutrition what was your diet like as a beginner?

It wasn’t great; in college I would eat a lot of junk and drink alcohol with my team mates from the football team. I couldn’t eat like I did back then I train like I do today, you would never make it through Neil’s workouts!

Too true! So what is your diet like today in contrast?

Firstly, I never miss a meal. Whatever the weather, scenario or event I will never miss a meal. In fact, my wife and I have had arguments on times because I am that regimented with my eating the whole year! Neil has got to know my body, and he has me eating a high protein, high carb diet with no carb cycling. Every day I have the same amount of carbohydrates, and I also eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. The one thing with Neil is he really believes in keeping his athletes healthy and is a big believer in eating a wide variation of proteins, carbohydrates and fat sources. This is great because your diet doesn’t get boring and you benefit from various food sources on a daily basis.

What is your top piece of advice for beginners in regards to nutrition?

First of all you need to find which foods work for you and then stick with that and be consistent. Some people are sensitive to carbs, some aren’t. Learn your body and then don’t skip meals because this will hold you back.

Awesome! In regards to supplementation, how important is it for beginners?

Extremely important, especially for beginners because their body is not used to intense training and it will be the added support supplements can provide.

Currently, you’re a Gaspari Nutrition athlete. Why should somebody choose Gaspari Nutrition over other brands?

In my time I have used a lot of brands and products, and I can honestly say nothing compares to their products. Before I was a Gaspari athlete Neil insisted I used their products because he believes in them so much, that is all I need to know.

What I love about Gaspari products is that I don’t get any bloating after using them and they taste great! They taste so good even my wife uses their protein shakes, and one week before I won my pro card I was using SizeOn! There is no way I could have used any other creatine even 2 weeks out from a show. Gaspari is one big family and I just love their products and ethics.

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So what are your top 5 supplements for our readers looking to build muscle mass?

First of all I would suggest a whey protein, creatine, multi-vitamin, Glucosamine/Chondroitin, BCAAs and L-Glutamine. These supplements will provide the basic foundation to build size, sustain overall health and from there you can advance to new supplements as time progresses. Remember, for the supplements to work it is vital you keep up your consistency with your diet!

Fantastic! Kenny thank you so much for joining us mate, it has been a real pleasure and honour to have you on FitMag, the UK’s largest online resource.

It has been a pleasure, thank you Adam.

As I said, team Y3T are taking over guys and Kenny is another great testimony to that! Just take a look at his pictures, he looks unreal! To start making progress yourself, take on board what Kenny has said and implement it into your own master plan!

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