FitMag Annual Awards - And The Winner Is. . . . .

With the New Year here I wanted to take a quick photo of 2011 and admire all of the great things we all achieved with FitMag! All of our readers, writers, competition winners and athletes did a great job in creating the number 1 online resource for training, supplementation and nutrition in the UK! As you guys know, every month we pick winners from several categories but this month we are picking an overall winner for the year!

Writer of the Year

Without our amazing writers where would we be? Our great team of writers provide all of the content you read on FitMag, and for that I want to personally thank them all! The link below leads you to the winner of our Writer of 2011!

Article of the Year

This was an extremely difficult competition to judge, we have a huge cross-section of articles on FitMag! With that said, we did pick a winner based on the fact that it was educational, to the point, fun to read and backed up with credible resources.

Motivational Story of the Year

As the title suggests this is all about getting somebody into a mindset where they are ready to achieve something great, particularly with their health and physique! Our winner did just that with an incredible journey! To learn more about his journey, be sure to read our exclusive Mr GymCredible series!

Transformation of the Year

This is possibly the most prestigious award simply because of the degree of work required to even be considered! Each and everyone of our transformation winners in 2011 looked nothing short of phenomenal and inspired me to new heights, and every reader I am sure! However, our overall winner is. . .well checkout the link below!

Huge congratulations to our winners, but more than that a huge thank you to all of our amazing writers and readers! FitMag has plenty in store for 2012!

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