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The supplement industry is full of supplements, so much choice, so many different products and so many promises. Which one do I choose? The truth is, with modern day research the supplements you see today really work! Many people like to cycle supplements, try out new ones and mix and match. This is great, I like to have a dabble from time to time to see what new supplements can really do for me. However, there are supplements which I would describe your foundation, and ones which you should take all year round. These supplements in my opinion are always beneficial for anyone is very active and eating a good diet. Compare your supplement stack and see if you can plug any holes with these 5 beauties.

Whey protein isolate

Surely, nobody is reading this saying ‘’damn, maybe I should give it a go’’ because everyone who regularly participates in sport, whether it is football, rugby, endurance events or bodybuilding should be using a whey protein. Whey protein provides you with a source of fast digesting protein, ideal for flushing the muscle cell with amino acids during times of need such as breakfast and post-workout. Fast digesting protein powders also help spike your protein synthesis levels, in theory this enables you to digest more protein equating to faster recovery and ultimately better muscle development. PhD Whey HT+ is an amazing whey isolate blend, perfect for the serious athlete!

Multi-Blend protein

Second on the list must be a multi-blend protein supplement. Again, anybody who participates in regular exercise needs this. There are probably more of you reading this, thinking ‘’I don’t really need that, I have whey’’ but I would beg to differ. The difference is, the multi-blend product will sustain a steady feed of amino acids into your muscle cell for about 3 hours, sometimes longer. Whey is generally digested after an hour which means that if you were not going to eat for another 2 hours your muscles are potentially catabolic. Multi-blend protein formulas are perfect for during the day, pre-workout and before bed! Gaspari Myofusion has to be the best multi-blend on the market, and it tastes unreal!



Ok – BCAAs in my opinion are a super supplement and anybody serious about protecting their hard earned muscle as well as promoting recovery and growth NEEDS BCAAs in their supplement plan. Why? BCAAs are so important simply because they provide the body with the raw ingredients to produce 8 essential amino acids. Naturally, the body can only produce 12 and without BCAAS you could argue you’re missing out on around 40% of the amino acids in your blood stream. For an active athlete, acquiring these EAAs through your diet isn’t enough because your body is constantly burning them up. BCAAs are a must, if they don’t currently feature in your diet then don’t make any supplement purchases before these! PhD BCAAs are great, they are very easy to swallow and I find they have helped me no end.



Widely regarded as the most abundant amino acid in the body, L-Glutamine is a superb supplement which I would never go without. Sure, it isn’t officially essential because the body produces it BUT it cannot produce adequate levels. This amino acid is responsible for 35% of the nitrogen which makes it into your muscle cell, making it a primary nitrogen transporter. Anybody who wants to develop muscle tissue need to constantly sustain a positive nitrogen balance within the muscle cell, L-Glutamine enables you to do this. Another ‘must have’ supplement! For a long time I have used Reflex L-Glutamine and I have enjoyed great gains using it.

Multi Vitamin

This is a very popular choice among professional athletes, yet most people will turn their nose up at this. Why? Probably because it won’t make your arms grow 2 inches in the next week, or makes any promise to. Having said that, any knowledgeable athlete will recognise the importance of such a supplement. Due to the level of water we drink as athletes, you will find a lot of the vitamins are flushed from our system, so we need to replace them. As an overall look, if you want to grow you have to be healthy. When we train our immune system is battered, so we have to boost our health with a supplement like this. Many diets athletes follow are performance or aesthetic based, not health so you need this supplement to make up for it. Make no more excuses, you need this supplement now! Personally, I feel Gaspari Anavite is the best in its class.

365 days a year, I believe athletes should supplement with these 5 supplements. They are great for overall health, optimising performance and promoting maximum muscle growth!


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